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Halfway Houses in Colorado – The Journey to Complete Recovery

A halfway house is many times used by people who find it difficult to find a conducive environment at home for recovery from substance abuse. They feel safe here in the company of other like-minded people in an atmosphere where sobriety is promoted at all times. 

Alienation and socialization

Abuse of any kind, whether it is alcohol or drugs, saps the life fluid from the user – leaving them an empty, broken shell of a person. They get so addicted that they, over time, are alienated from everyone around them, be it family, friends, or co-workers. 

At halfway houses in Colorado or elsewhere in the US, they are encouraged to socialize, secure a job to gain financial independence, and gain the strength to maintain lifelong sobriety. To achieve this goal, they can spend any time between three to twelve months, which is deemed adequate for them to be able to stand on their feet.

The process of recovery 

Sober living is not the best path for every person who has been through the process of medical detoxification. The halfway house is a structured environment with rules and regulations each resident is expected to follow. 

While it has proven to be extremely beneficial for ex-users, before you decide on a house, you must speak with your doctor if this is really the best option for you. Also, most patients book a place in a house while they are still undergoing the detoxification process so that the transition is seamless and smooth.

How to find a house

In the present times, just typing ‘halfway houses near me’ will throw up the names of lots of houses. But how will you know which one would be suitable for you? Well, you can do this:

  • Visit a Halfway House Directory.
  • Ask the others in treatment or meetings for recommendations.
  • Do some research into these houses and plan well beforehand in terms of length of stay and finances involved.
  • Call them up to find out about what facilities these houses will provide to you and what your responsibilities would be.


Look, the fact is that this is not a cheap option. And it is definitely not free. If you check up on the costs involved in staying at a halfway house near me, you will find the price range anywhere between a hundred dollars to up to 2K a month. It all depends on the kind of amenities and comforts the house offers.

Many people pay for their stay through:

  • Insurance
  • Scholarships/grants
  • Savings 
  • A payment plan set up with the halfway house 

The journey to sobriety is not easy. But, with the right people supporting you on your way, you can discover new meaning in life and learn to live it fully. All you need is perseverance and determination, and you will find yourself reclaiming your life and enjoying its new adventures and joys.


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