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6 Health Benefits of Clove to Know About

Use fenugreek seeds if you want healthy hair or use rice powder as a natural scrub for glowing skin and so on.. We have grown up hearing about these natural remedies and amazingly these hold solutions to most of our problems.

No matter what’s concerning you, these old wives solutions are right here to serve you. Clove is one such ingredient present in your kitchen and can offer countless health benefits. Clove is dried flower buds of clove plant and is famous around the globe due to its countless benefits.

Not only does it add a special flavour to our cuisines but I remember my father using it throughout my childhood for tooth pain relief. Later he went to the best dentist in Lahore and got the dental filling. Though the benefits of clove aren’t only limited to your dental health it covers other health aspects as well. 

Health Benefits of Clove

Now you must be curious about other health benefits of cloves. Here I am adding these benefits to help you make better decisions regarding the inclusion of these magic ingredients in your diet.

1- Fights oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is bad for you and can affect the functioning of your body systems. Oxidative stress is potentially harmful to the cells of your body and can damage them thus, compromising their function. By fighting oxidative stress, you can reduce your risk of many health problems such as cancer, diabetes etc. Clove is beneficial in this regard as it is capable of fighting oxidative stress and can improve your health in this way.

2- Rich in nutrients

Not only does clove offer health benefits but it is also good when it comes to nutrition. Providing some of the important nutrient elements such as manganese vitamin K etc., clove is considered to be a healthy addition to your everyday meals. 

3- Anti-inflammatory in nature

Inflammation is also bad for your body just like oxidative stress. Inflammation is the sole reason behind many of your health problems such as arthritis etc. Other than this, inflammation can affect your organs and can mess up their functioning. So, it is important to fight inflammation as well. Clove is one such compound that is anti-inflammatory and this is one reason behind many of its health benefits.

4- Regulated blood sugar

Increased blood sugar is a problem and persistently high blood sugar levels refer to a chronic illness known as diabetes. Most of the blood sugar regulation depends upon the production of insulin in the body. Here cloves come as a rescue as they can increase the production of insulin in the body. This occurs when body cells uptake more sugar and ultimately produce a good amount of insulin in the body. So, cloves can be used as one of the remedies to control blood sugar.

5- Anti-bacterial in nature

We have already discussed that clove is good for your oral health. This is because it is capable;e of fighting bacteria in your mouth. This antibacterial property of clove is another reason why it is good for our overall health. Not only does it promote oral health but when used regularly can protect your gums as well. By killing bacteria it helps to promote a healthy oral cavity and keep oral health problems at a bay.

6- Dense bones

Your bone health is crucial to your overall well being and bone density is quite important in this regard. Talking about bone density, we already know minerals are quite helpful in this regard. One such mineral is manganese. Clove contains a small amount of it but is known to promote bone health by keeping your bones dense. In this way, clove is also good for your bones and can be added to our diet regularly.

Bottom Line!

Home remedies are everywhere and can promote our health in many ways. Whether it’s about the mighty kitchen ingredients or the spices in your pantry, all these can do wonders. Clove is a healthy ingredient and offers many potential health benefits. However, whenever consuming cloves, make sure you don’t consume too much of it and always consult your nutritionist about this to make informed decisions. 


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