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What Is a Merchant Cash Advance?

The pandemic has created a big hole in the financial reserves of many companies across various business sectors. With the economy showing signs of slow revival and businesses limping back to normal, it will take some time for companies to operate normally. Until then, they will have to grapple with cash flow issues, payroll management, and other problems related to business expenses.

If your business is not in a stable financial state, there is little chance that banks and traditional lenders will approve your business funding needs. If your options are limited, you can consider Merchant Cash Advance SBA from a leading alternative lending service. 

Merchant Cash Advance or MCA does not technically qualify as a loan as the lending service offers cash in return for a part of the future sales of your business. For the same reason, MCA can be approved without collateral. The lending companies will not insist on a positive credit score or a favorable credit report to approve your loan. However, there is a possibility that you may have to pay a higher interest rate with some lenders as there is little government regulation on MCAs.

How a Merchant Cash Advance Works

MCA SBA financing is an excellent fast funding option for small businesses. They can get a cash advance to meet their business expenses. The cash is provided in return for a portion of their future sales or receivables. The future sales are purchased at a discount, but you can expect disbursement of funds. Repayment is made through the merchant’s daily debit or credit card deposits or by directly withdrawing funds from the borrower’s bank account. The schedule for withdrawing is agreed to mutually. 

The interest rate for MCA SBA funding is calculated differently from traditional loans. The calculation takes into account potential risk elements, industry type, the financial history of your business, and the number of years of business operations. 

Merchant Cash Advance SBA is the best option for companies looking to address the following financial issues:

Gap In Cash Flow:

A fluctuating cash flow situation can result in problems in bill payment and payroll. A merchant cash advance can provide the comfort you need until your cash flow situation returns to normal.

Unexpected Expenses:

A merchant cash loan can help businesses deal with unforeseen and unexpected expenses if they don’t have access to regular funds.

Inventory Management: 

MCA can help maintain the necessary inventory. The installment can be repaid with a percentage of revenue generated from inventory sales.

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advances

With Merchant Cash Advance SBA, you can quickly get the funding your business needs and on relatively easy terms. There is minimal paperwork involved, unlike a traditional loan where you have to keep adding papers to files at every stage of the processing. You don’t have to offer collateral to qualify for MCA as it is an unsecured business loan near you.

Finally, make sure you choose a reliable alternative funding service that has a reputation of helping businesses gain quick access to funds with minimal documentation and scrutiny. 

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