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Get Comfy, Go Natural, Choose Bamboo Underwear!

You’re probably thinking, “Try bamboo underwear? Really? There’s a whole category of underwear now?” But before you write it off, think about the benefits of going natural: reduced environmental impact and better feel and comfort. 

Why Choose Bamboo and Go Natural?

Bamboo is a fast-growing crop. When bamboo fabric is made, bamboo is harvested and sliced into thin strips; then, they are heated to prevent bacteria. The fabric is then woven to create soft fibers that are silkier than cotton and stronger than synthetic fabrics. The result? A super comfortable, environment-friendly fabric that wicks moisture, regulates temperature and feels great on your skin.

The global fashion industry greatly contributes to the world’s pollution. Harsh chemicals and dyes cause pollution in clothing production that often ends up in waterways or landfills. By choosing bamboo instead of synthetic fabrics, you can help reduce pollution and protect our environment. 

Choosing bamboo underwear is sustainable because bamboo is fast-growing grass. Moreso, they are typically processed without chemicals and dyed naturally, making them more hypoallergenic than regular fabrics. Since bamboo fabric is breathable and antifungal, it helps prevent bacteria and odor-causing fungus from forming – which means that your underwear can last longer than regular underwear made with synthetic materials. Additionally, bamboo fabric is softer and silkier than cotton, so it’s more comfortable against your skin.

Bamboo has a natural texture, and it is less visible under skin-tight garments.  So whether you pair bamboo underwear with casual clothes or your everyday outfit, it looks great. And since the bamboo fabric is durable, you can wear it in conjunction with cotton or other synthetic clothing without worrying about it rubbing against your skin or causing discomfort and irritation.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Pair for You!

Choosing the perfect underwear can be expensive and overwhelming since you’ll need to find the ones that give you the best support without compromising comfort. Here are some tips to guide you from choosing the perfect fit down to picking the right colors, preventing you from throwing away pairs that do not suit you.

Find Your Fit- A pair of underwear should fit you so comfortably, you forget you’re wearing it. Just like a great pair of pants, underwear should fit you in all the right ways. By choosing the right style and size, you can avoid any discomfort that may lead to skin irritation or too snug that can impede your blood flow. So measure yourself before purchasing.

Bend sideways to reveal your waist’s natural crease and wrap a soft tape around your waist measuring including the crease; the number you get is your perfect size. 

Choose Your Color- Nude, black, or white are great colors to start with. Not only are these hues complement most skin tones, but they are also easy to conceal. However, feel free to choose other colors that float your boat!

Get Your Style On- Now that you know your size and color basics, it’s time to get creative with the designs or patterns that go with your style and personality.

Wearing a comfortable, breathable, and reliable bottom is essential to give you the right support where you need it. Whether you’re constantly on your feet or simply lounging around the house, comfort is vital. Choosing organic and sustainable products is not only good for the planet, but it is also good for you. 


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