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How to pack jewelry, cosmetics, and gifts?

Attractive packaging is necessary for every product. Some products used daily and people are familiar with them. However, when it comes to buying expensive products, people need surety that their money will not be wasted. It is true for cosmetics, jewelry, and gifts. People spend a lot of money on these. If these products have luxury packaging and proper brand marketing, they will attract more buyers. Whereas if these products are not properly packed, people will prefer not to buy them. Companies use Kraft pillow boxes wholesale packaging to pack these products attractively.

What does Kraft mean?

This represents the type of paper that companies use in making pillow boxes. It can be prepared easily. Moreover, it is also easier to make boxes from this paper. It is not much harmful to the environment. Companies can obtain this easily. It is also harder and more durable than paper. Therefore, it protects the product for a longer time.


Kraft pillow boxes wholesale have become very common and popular now. A lot of companies are using these boxes to pack luxury items and gift products. There must be some reason that these are so popular. Some of them are:


Kraft pillow boxes are available at wholesale rates. This means that companies can get these boxes at a cheaper price. This is very helpful for them. It cuts the cost of packaging the items. Therefore, companies can also provide the products at a lower rate than usual. This attracts the buyers.

Moreover, it also means that companies can buy a large number of boxes at once. It allows them to pack a greater quantity of products at a time. They can then ship these to the shops. It means that customers can get the product whenever they want. They will not feel any difficulty in finding it.


This aspect is also gaining a lot of attention now. People are also concerned about the environment now. Some countries have also made this obligatory to use eco-friendly and recyclable materials. However, the companies had to find such material. They found it in the shape of Kraft pillow boxes wholesale packaging. These boxes are eco-friendly. Companies can also easily recycle them.


Eco-friendly means that these boxes do not harm the environment. People usually throw away the boxes after opening the product. Companies use old boxes even after they thrown and recycle them to make new boxes. It’s important because it reduces the price of packaging the product. Companies do not have to make new boxes from the start. Once they have bought the materials, they can make a box and then recycle it to make a new one. This saves money and reduces the cost of the product.


When people spend money on buying luxury items such as jewelry and gifts, they want the packaging to be of their liking as well. Companies use custom pillow boxes for this purpose. It allows them to make boxes that are according to the demands of the people.


Companies can alter the size of the box. This is very important. All cosmetic and gift products are very sensitive. Moreover, they are in different sizes too. Also, companies need to adjust the size according to the product. Gifts range in size from watches to large toys as well. Although, these companies will have to manage it. Custom pillow boxes wholesale packaging allows them to change the box according to the product, that too at wholesale rates.


Pillow box packaging is so named because of the shape of the box. It resembles a pillow. It has two ends that firmly glued together. This makes sure that they do not open and protect the product. Whereas, there is empty space in the center where the product is packed. This shape allows maximum protection to the product. It also makes packing the product quite easy.


You can also change the color of the packaging box considering the shade of your brand logo. You can opt for bright and vibrant colors as these are quite alluring. If you opt for mundane shades, nobody will buy boxes from you.


It is quite essential if you add daze to your Kraft pillow boxes as these deluxe prints and patterns entices the consumer. Make it look enthralling. Also, the printing must be of top-quality that no one ignores buying items from you.


If you add a handle to your packaging box, it will escalate the security. It is quite essential toa dd handle so that the products remain secure. You can also deliver these fragile and delicate items to long-distant areas.

Types of Kraft pillow boxes:

Transparent custom pillow boxes:

By reading the name, you might have an idea that these boxes are manufactured from a transparent material. This aids the consumer to have a glimpse in a second at the product. You can give your packaging an impressive look. Also, you can pique the interest of your consumers.

Window Kraft pillow boxes wholesale:

If you want to strengthen your sales, you can add a window to your Kraft pillow boxes. As it adds value and prominence to your merchandise. You can pack your fragile and delicate items to it. These boxes are bought in a bulk quantity so that the retailer offers wholesale and discount offers.

Cardboard pillow packaging: This packaging is manufactured of cardboard material. It is quite amazing. However, it ought to be unique and alluring. Also, these packaging boxes are strong and durable. You can pack number of products to escalate your sales. You can also pack fragile items to these boxes. You can also transport these products to long distances. You must consider the protection of your products.

Kraft pillow boxes Wholesale:

You can get custom pillow boxes wholesale made in Kraft paper material. It is quite resilient and sturdy. You can easily personalize these design boxes. However, you can also intrigue your customers with these packaging boxes. Order them now at low rates.Kraft pillow boxes wholesale packaging is not only cost effective and cheap, but also safer & business-friendly. Order now at wholesale rates & enjoy the benefits.

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