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6 Kids Friendly Flooring Options Every Parent Should Opt For

Flooring is the main part of any building, whether it is a home, office, or shop. Proper flooring adds beauty to the space. If you have kids at home, the type of flooring you choose definitely affects your quality of life.

In the market, flooring options mainly for the house are many. But there are very few that are suitable for kids or you can say are kids friendly. Moreover, flooring available for kids is mainly temporary as after some years you can replace it. That is the main reason many parents get confused while choosing a floor. They are unable to decide whether to go with wood, carpet, vinyl, or some other kind of flooring.

To end this confusion, in this article you will learn in detail about each flooring that can be perfect for your park view city Islamabad home. So, don’t skip any part and make a decision afterward.

Rubber Flooring

This is an option that is the best for those who have kids. Moreover, rubber flooring is widely used in the majority of daycare centers. The best thing about rubber is that it can easily take the high load and proves to be the best in high traffic areas. Also, you don’t have to do much when cleaning the rubber flooring, simply use lukewarm water and cloth.

When someone falls on it by mistake, it provides cushioning and even absorbs sound up to 18 decibels. The one drawback of the rubber flooring is that they emit odor. The odor doesn’t cause any sort of health issues but becomes irritated after some time.

Area Rugs

This option is the best for those who don’t have enough budget to spend. For example, if the wood or laminate flooring is already installed in your house, then replacing it with the new flooring is quite expensive.

In such situations, area rugs come to the rescue, as they work as temporary flooring. As they are portable, the flooring is quite popular among many. For example, if you are in the kitchen working, it isn’t easy to keep an eye on the children. Here all you have to do is place the rug area near you and the problem is solved.

The other best part about the area rugs is that they are pretty comfortable and easy to clean. If you have a toddler in the house, who has just started walking, this flooring is perfect. Once the child grows up, and there is no need left for the rugs, you can remove them without an issue.


Carpets are usually present in every household. They are the best for homes that have children a few months old. Not only does the carpet provide a comfortable place to sit, play, or work, but it prevents injuries if falls. The best thing about carpet is that it is slip-proof too.

However, the downfall of the carpet is that they promote the growth of the bacteria and even become the cause of multiple allergens. So, if it is essential to clean the carpet regularly and that is a time taking task.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is another option that is liked by the parents. The reason behind it is that the flooring is of natural wood and that’s not a hazard for kids. Moreover, cleaning and maintenance of the wood flooring are also not much of a deal. All an individual needs are a vacuum and a damp mop.

However, wood flooring isn’t the best for toddlers, as they can get hurt if they fall.

Laminate Flooring

Another popular flooring that is quite suitable for kids is laminate flooring. Not only is the flooring budget-friendly but it gives a luxurious look to the home. Also, like other flooring options, the laminate flooring is also easy to clean. Moreover, the flooring is scratch-resistant and available in multiple designs.

Also, the installation of laminate flooring is pretty easy and in case someone falls on it, they will hurt less. However, the flooring becomes quite slippery if wet. So, it is a thing about which a parent has to take care of.

Vinyl Flooring

Similar to laminate flooring, vinyl is also easy to install. Moreover, the flooring is water and spill-resistant. The flooring doesn’t promote bacteria growth. Also, as the surface is soft it decreases the chances of injury from accidental falls. If we talk about cleaning, only a vacuum, and a wet cloth are needed.

As you have learned about multiple flooring, it is time to pick one according to your needs and requirements. There is no need to step back and think, your budget may not allow you to pick any of the options. All that is required is a bit of research.

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