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Bur Dubai – Proudly Flaunting the Old-world Charm in the City of Gold

Bur Dubai – Proudly Flaunting the Old-world Charm in the City of Gold
Dubai is mostly associated with modern infrastructure, record-breaking landmarks, and the latest residential developments laced with state-of-the-art amenities. However, there’s another side of this emirate, which not many people, tourists, in particular, know about. Bur Dubai is a perfect reflection of this unexplored side of Dubai.
Located on the western side of the beautiful Dubai Creek, it is a historic district that houses some of the most historic sites in the Emirate. These include Al Fahidi Historical District, Dubai Museum, Grand Mosque, Iranian Mosque, The Ruler’s Court, and Al Shindagha Historical District to name a few. You will also find traditional shopping streets, such as Meena Bazar and Al Seef in Bur Dubai as well.
Properties in Bur Dubai:
Bur Dubai district is home to many residential communities and developments. Most of them feature affordable housing units. Not only the cost but rent is also on the lower side here. This is why many people look for apartments for rent in Bur Dubai
. Al Jaddaf, Al Mankhool, Oud Metha, Al Raffa, and Al Hamriya happen to be popular areas where you can find residential properties in this district.
Shedding light on the type of residential properties, Bur Dubai can be termed as a melting pot of economic and cultural influences. It features a mix of modern mid-rises, vintage apartment buildings, and spacious villas that suit the needs of bigger families. This means every individual can find a residence of their choice in Bur Dubai.
Bur Dubai – A Combination of Modernity and Traditions:
Although you may find numerous modern housing units built as per international standards in this district, it is among the very few areas in the Emirate that has retained the old-world charm. It is a place in Dubai that features a fascinating combination of modernity and a traditional lifestyle. Living here is a different experience than the rest of the city because of its relatively laid-back attitude.
Amenities and Facilities Available in Bur Dubai:
One of the major benefits of living in Bur Dubai is that you will have access to all the basic amenities and facilities. Let’s find out more about them:
All your shopping requirements will be met in this huge district as it houses several supermarkets, including Lulu, Choithrams, Carrefour, and Spinneys. Furthermore, smaller branches of Al Madina and Al Maya supermarkets along with several local grocery stores and mini-marks are also located here.
Places of Worship:
People belonging to different religions have the freedom to practice their religions in Bur Dubai. You can find many mosques, temples and churches located here. Among them, Grand Mosque Dubai is the most renowned as it features beautiful architecture and can accommodate up to 1,200 worshippers at a time.
Other places of worships located here are:
• St Mary’s Catholic Church
• The Shiva Temple
• The Krishna Temple
• New Convent Church Dubai
• The Dubai City Church
Educational Institutes:
Famous educational institutes can be found in the Bur Dubai district. These include:
• Hope Montessori Nursery
• British Orchard Nursery
• Chubby Cheeks Nursery
• Indian High School
• Dubai Gem Private School
• St. Mary Catholic High School
• GEMS Winchester School
• French school
• Lycée Francaise International
Healthcare Facilities:
The following healthcare facilities are available in Bur Dubai including:
• Mediclinic
• Medeor
• Aster Hospital
Main Attractions:
Although it’s a more traditional area with a laidback ambience, there’s a lot to do and explore in Bur Dubai. For example, Dubai Frame, located in Zabeel Park, is one of the famous attractions in the entire emirate. Then, there’s the waterside path of this district that features an interesting line of dhows where you can have a fine dining experience with your near and dear ones while enjoying the beauty of the Dubai Creek.
Final thoughts:
In all, if you want to get a taste of the authentic lifestyle of Dubai, find a property in Bur Dubai. Here, you will find some of the best villas, penthouses and apartments for rent in UAE
that offer exceptional lifestyles and are yet easy on the budget. Furthermore, every facility and amenity will be within your arm’s reach, ensuring enhanced convenience and comfort.
Having said that, it is important that you hire a property agent who specialises in this area. Not only will they help you find the right housing unit that meets your requirements, but they’ll also assist you with paperwork and other formalities.


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