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Solar Panel Problems And How to Solve Them

Solar Panel Problems And How to Solve Them

Solar panels have a lot of benefits, but just like ordinary materials, they can have maintenance problems. But, just like all problems, there are always solutions.  This article will give you a walk-through of the common issues you can encounter with your solar panels.

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Solar lights have now become a favorite for people who are going green and more eco-friendly. These solar lights need solar panels to harness the energy from the sun. It’s essential to know these problems and solutions to make sure that your solar panels’ lifespans exceed what was recommended.

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Solar Panel Problems And How to Solve Them

Solar panels have their share of common problems. Knowing how to solve these problems is essential to make sure that your solar panels are functioning properly. Here are common solar panel problems and how to fix them.

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Solar inverter

Solar panels have solar inverters responsible for converting the energy from the panels used to provide power to the home. Solar inverters don’t last long, with a lifespan of 5-15 years.

damaged or worn-out inverters need to be changed for the solar panels to function properly. It’s better to ask an expert to replace or repair the inverters. Also, consider purchasing inverters that are better in quality to make sure it lasts longer so that you won’t have to keep on repairing and replacing them.

Birds Nests

Birds tend to nest on solar panels because solar panels are their ideal nesting grounds since the panels provide them with shelter. Because of this, bird droppings and feathers are two of the problems you have to deal with.

Make sure to regularly clean off the bird droppings because if left, algae will form over time.

Damaged roof

Since solar panels are commonly installed on the roof to get direct sunlight, there are moments where the roof gets damaged. Make sure to regularly check and fix even minor damages,

Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt can cause your solar panels not to perform properly. That is why regular cleaning and maintenance are needed to ensure that your panels are clean. Uncleaned panels can cause your system not to generate enough power.

Loose Wiring

Solar panels still include wiring. That is why there are instances that a solar panel can stop functioning because of a loose wire.

Call an expert to fix wiring problems because the job requires the right tools. Have monitoring installed as well so you can see the solar system’s performance using your smartphone.

Overheating System

Check the heat fade of your panels to find out if they have temperature problems. High temperatures can cause your panels to malfunction. If you want to prevent this, make sure to choose panels that have higher heat tolerance than others.

Solar Battery Draining fast

Another reason why your panel isn’t generating enough power is because of a drained solar battery. Recharging your solar batteries incorrectly can cause the drain. To fix this, you either have to let the solar batteries charge fully before using, or you can opt to replace the batteries with new ones. If you are looking for good-quality and durable batteries for your solar system, HLC Lithium-ion Battery is the right one for you.

Common Mistakes you Should Avoid When it Comes to Solar Panels

To avoid future problems when it comes to your solar panels, there are things that you should avoid doing. Knowing these common mistakes can help you save money and have your panels last longer.

Not planning ahead

Installing a solar system is a difficult process because there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Make sure to include the size of your home when planning, failure to do this can lead to your panels not generating enough power to your home. Planning helps you determine and weigh the pros and cons before you decide to switch to solar energy.

Planning also involves costs, which is what you do not want to miss out on. You have to consider whether you want to invest in pricier panels or stick with the cheap ones to cut down on your cost.

Opting for Cheap Solar Panels

The cheaper the solar panels are, the less durable they are going to be. Buying cheap panels is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Panels that have a higher price tend to be the ones that are most durable.

  1.  If you opt for cheap solar panels, there is a possibility that the repairs will cost you more than the actual panels. You can also ask professionals for their opinion. Maybe they have a cheaper alternative that works just as well as expensive ones.Also, make sure to choose one of the power companies in Texas that offers solar energy plans to help you utilize all the benefits that solar panels bring.

Not considering all options

There are an array of solar panels you can choose from in the market. Each panel has its features and durability that can outshine other choices.  Make sure to keep your options open and don’t rush when choosing. 

If you know your options, you’ll have a better chance of finding a panel that best fits you and your home. Make a quote or a list of all the panels that you went to check and weight which one will work well for you.


Owning a solar system and going eco-friendly, especially owning solar panels, can be challenging and costly. Still, as long as you know the common problems and know how to fix them, you will indeed have a smooth-functioning social system.


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