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Importance of Proxy services and what are the different types?

Everyone can have their unique need for using a proxy but there are some reasons that everyone must consider regardless of their needs. Here are some of those reasons:

More control on the internet usage

When you use a proxy server you can control the internet usage in that case you can use isps proxies. In this case, a business can control the internet usage of the employees so that they do not visit any irrelevant site. Likewise, parents can control what their children use and see on the internet. This is only possible because proxy servers provide more control over your internet usage.

Better speed and performance

Proxy servers ensure better bandwidth and improved internet browsing speeds. When you invest in a good proxy server provider you get to use good speed and performance whether you are using that for your traditional needs or personal needs.

Privacy like no other thing

One thing that proxy server are known for is privacy. So, when you use proxy servers the privacy increases. It is a very important reason for a business that is looking to protect their confidential data. Similarly, it is important for individuals who are looking to have a more lowkey online presence.

Enhanced online security from malware and attacks

Proxy servers provide security like no other. You can configure a proxy server to encrypt the requests that can make your transactions more secure. So, with the right usage of proxy servers, internet users can enhance their security from malware and attacks as well as data breach whether you are an individual user or using the proxy for organizational needs.

The best benefit for organizations is that their remote workers stay secure.

Accessing blocked sites

Some websites and content are not available to every user because of location or some other restrictions. In this case, a proxy server can be very helpful because it can unblock any type of content and website. Additionally, there is no fear of getting your IP address banned or blocked.

What are some different types of Proxy Servers?

Proxy servers are available in several types. However, here we have the best and the most commonly used type of proxy servers that you can select according to your requirements.

  1. Transparent Proxy

This type of proxy lets the websites know that you are using a proxy, but it still keeps things private and secure. It is best for content filtering for libraries and schools. Additionally, it is pretty easy to set up on client and server sides.

  1. Anonymous Proxy

To the internet, it shows itself as a proxy but all of your internet browsing habits and footprints are kept private. It is the best choice if you are looking to stay away from internet usage-based marketing content.

  1. Distorting Proxy

It works similar to the Anonymous proxy, but it works great because the internet it passes a false IP address which means better privacy for you.

  1. High Anonymity proxy

This is the last type of proxy server that we have here and completely changes the IP address for the internet so tracking your online presence gets even more difficult. It is the most secure and private way to use the internet.

Things you need to be careful about when using Proxy Servers

Although the proxy servers are known to bring great value for you, it does not mean that you need to be careless as there are some things that you must be careful about. Here are some of those things about proxy servers that you must be careful about.

Free services can be risky because you can face issues like ad-based revenue models so they will work after you see some ads. These services are usually not backed with great hardware encryption, so these are not your most secure choice.

While the proxy server encrypts things for you and hides your data, the same does not go true for the proxy server itself. So, you need to check if the proxy keeps track of your data, then it can still get leaked.

Using proxy servers all alone is not important because most of the servers need to be configured for better privacy. So, you cannot be sure that you are using a proxy server and you are secure. Make sure to check about the encryption that you get.

The last risk is about the service providers that are not legit. You need to check what law enforcement policies they follow and how they bring the best value for you. If your service provider seems shady then you need to stop using it as soon as possible.


Using internet services is important and necessary for everyone but security and privacy are also similarly important. So, you must not be using the internet for the cost of your security and privacy.

Out of all the ways, the best one is to use proxy servers because in this way you can enjoy all the benefits of the internet and proxy servers combined which will bring an experience like never before.

Whenever you are selecting a proxy server make sure to check all the risk factors and then look for the benefits and the ways how it brings value for you. Only in this way you are going to have a good experience of using proxy servers.

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