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Mara Grever

Mara Grever is a Mexican-born composer and pianist who achieved international fame and recognition. She is best known for writing the song “What A Difference A Day Makes”, popularized by Dinah Washington and later covered by a variety of artists. She is the first Mexican female composer to have a hit single. Read on to learn more about her life and her music. Here are a few of her most famous works.

mara grever

Grever suffered from blindness in the late 1930s after contracting an eye infection. In 1941, she organized a benefit for the Spanish-American Association for the Blind and served as its mistress of ceremonies. The event featured musical performances by students of the New York Institute for the Blind.In 1956, the World Wide Web declared Grever “the woman of the year” in a retrospective article.

Grever enjoyed performing

Grever enjoyed performing live and arranged concerts for other musicians. She gave her first recital at the Princess Theatre in 1919, which received favorable reviews. She later made several concerts in Europe and Latin America. In 1927, she organized a concert at the Little Theatre in Mxico City, which included Argentine cabaret and song dramas. In addition, she performed with the jazz orchestra and her own ensemble.

Her debut album sold millions of copies. In the 1960s, she became a mentor to Placido Domingo, Aretha Franklin, and Claude Debussy. She continued to write folk songs and composed music for movies, which prompted her to write an autobiography.

She had a long and distinguished career. Her first record sold over three million copies. She went on to work as a film composer for Paramount Pictures and the union of the Americas. She is the first Mexican-born composer to achieve international recognition. The songs she wrote are still popular today. Her greatest hits include “Sealing a Heart” and “The Sound of a Voice.” This is a classic example of a composition by the American people.

Grever’s first published song was “Auna Ola” when she was only 18. It has since sold more than three million copies. Her first major hit was “What a Difference A Day Makes” in 1934. It remains one of her most popular songs. Its popularity has increased with the popularity of her movie soundtracks.

Grever had a remarkable talent

She was also a teacher and mentor to children, and she studied under the French and Spanish-American Association for the Blind. Her first film sold three million copies. Her first marriage was to an American oil company executive, Leo A. Grever.

Mara Grever’s career began in the 1940s. She was a successful musician and was the first Mexican to have achieved international fame. She was the first Latina singer to achieve international acclaim. The song, “What a Difference A Day Makes”, was her most famous work and sold more than 3 million copies. Aside from her solo career, she also had a successful career. Aside from her music, she was an entrepreneur, a producer, and an actress.

Her early career

Her early career in music began with her first recording. She worked with producers and songwriters in the recording studio and eventually signed a publishing contract with the ASCAP. She later became a popular star, writing popular songs and appearing in film. Despite her success, Grever was still relatively unknown in her native country. Nevertheless, she did manage to find a way to make her dreams come true and become a household name.

Her song “What a Difference a Day Makes” was a top-selling single. The song’s popularity led to her becoming a leading singer in the United States.


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