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What is EAT SEO and Why is It Important in 2022?

SEO is an integral part of businesses in Australia, as it is in the rest of the world. And it is only getting more critical as the digital age advances. 

That said, ranking in Google should be every business’ priority. After all, statistics revealed that Google is responsible for 94.24% of search engine traffic in Australia as of November 2020. 

Without SEO, your business will indeed be left behind. And if there’s one strategy your seo agency in brisbane should focus on, it’s EAT SEO. So what is it, and why is it important? 

What does EAT SEO mean?

Does EAT SEO ring a bell? If you are familiar with SEO and the strategies used to optimize your website, you might have already heard of the EAT concept.

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness – web content elements that Google values greatly. And it has been used to evaluate a website’s quality for years.

Although EAT SEO is not prioritized as much as keywords and other strategies, its importance is acknowledged today, especially with websites that impact life and finances. Such websites are categorized as YMYL or “Your Money, Your Life.” 

YMYL pages are known to affect people’s health, financial stability, happiness, and safety. 

Some of the top YMYL sites in Australia are the e-commerce platform Amazon Australia, digital bank Up Banking, and the medical website Alzheimer’s Australia. It is also known that the Eastern Australian states, including the City of Brisbane, are responsible for 79.7% of all online purchases in 2021. 

Why will EAT SEO matter more in 2022?

Website quality has always been a determining factor in every Australian website’s ranking. But, while EAT is not considered a direct factor that affects the search engine results page, it helps Google identify a website’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

In other words, EAT helps determine credibility. And since YMYL websites in Australia are increasing, identifying which websites are reliable sources of information is a priority. 

EAT SEO helps provide trusted information about specific subjects that online audiences seek. Thus, people are assured that the highest-ranking websites will give them what they need to know and help them make the best decision that will significantly affect their lives. 

Best EAT SEO practices for 2022

Now that you know what EAT SEO is, the next step is knowing the best practices that will improve your YMYL website.

According to your seo agency in brisbane, here are the top strategies proven to get results.

  1.  Build suitable backlinks from high-authority domains for your off-page SEO.
  2.  Boost your credibility with mentions from authoritative sources online.
  3.  Get reviews from visitors or customers.
  4.  Create content from experts with proven credentials or qualifications.
  5.  Have a Wikipedia page and backlink it to your page.
  6.  Audit your brand and your content.
  7.  Don’t overwhelm your website with ads.
  8.  Provide your contact details.
  9.  Make sure your content is accurate and relevant.

9.1 million Australian households have shopped online in 2021. Additionally, a survey revealed that 73.08% of respondents are using online banking. This shows how significant the internet has become in the Land Down Under.

For most Aussies, YMYL pages are some of the top places they go online. So, if you want to be among the highest-ranking websites, you need to level up your EAT SEO or get an expert SEO agency to help you out.


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