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America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses Review

America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses is a discount eyewear and eye exam provider. As of 2019, the company operated over 700 retail stores in the United States. From 2005 to 2014, the company was a division of National Vision, a portfolio company owned by Berkshire Partners. The current leadership of the company is a former executive of Berkshire Partners. As of April 2019, the company has approximately 750 stores nationwide.

In 1993, America’s Best was founded. In 1997, it was sold to private equity firm Berkshire Partners. Then, in August 2005, Berkshire Partners acquired the company. In 2006, the company was sold to Consolidated Vision Group. The next acquisition occurred in May 2017. It is now owned by the same company. It is still operated by the same management team. However, its ownership continues to change. The company is committed to improving the overall shopping experience for its customers.

The company’s policy

America’s Best offers free shipping for its customers. The company’s policy guarantees that each product sold is free from defects for a year. The warranty does not cover regular wear and tear. In addition, customers must have a valid prescription to receive their glasses. The company also offers a one-year limited warranty on its products. The warranty does not apply to scratches that occur as a result of normal use. And the company is committed to providing its customers with quality eyewear.

America’s Best also offers a free online ordering system for prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses. The online process makes it easy to select a convenient location near you. The store locator helps make the selection process quick and easy. After placing an order, customers should expect their new eyeglasses within seven to ten days. In many cases, this time frame is longer than the stated warranty period. The company’s customers can choose between several different options to receive their frames.

America’s Best offers free shipping. This guarantee applies only to items sold by the company. During this time, the company’s customer service representatives will provide assistance with your order. Aside from that, you’ll be able to get your glasses in as little as seven to ten days, depending on where you live. It is worth noting that the products at America’s Best are not the only ones to offer free shipping.

While most companies

While most companies will offer free shipping, America’s Best does not. It has numerous 5-star and 1-star reviews. The reviews are primarily concerned with the timeliness and quality of the products. Despite these issues, the companies quickly resolved these issues. If you’re considering ordering your glasses from America’s Best, you’ll want to read the company’s terms and conditions carefully.

America’s Best is a good choice for eyeglasses if you’re on a budget. While most of their frames and lenses are affordable, you may need to use vision insurance to pay for the services. If you don’t have vision insurance, the company will provide you with the necessary services. After you’ve made your decision, you can buy your glasses at an America’s Best store. You can also use the store locator feature to find a nearby location.

quality and service

A company must stand behind its product to have a good reputation. An America’s Best store has excellent reviews on multiple online review sites. While the company’s website may be easy to navigate, its reviews are not. The reviews on America’s Best can sometimes be misleading. If you read the company’s terms and conditions carefully, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

The company is not a perfect company. It has many 1-star reviews, while some 5-star reviews. Among the negative ones, you’ll find complaints about its customer service, timeliness, and the quality of its products. The company’s website will give you a breakdown of the pros and cons of America’s Best. Most of the America’s Best stores are well-known for their eyeglasses and sunglasses.


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