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Fur Affinity – The Largest Online Community in the Furry Fandom

On March 20, 2011, the website fur affinity announced a major hack. In the first 24 hours, several users were banned. This outage was blamed on a broken fiber optic cable. The site’s mascot, a female dragon, was permabanned for plagiarism and replaced with Rednef. The community’s founder, Silver Eagle, was hospitalized for suicidal ideation, but has since returned.

A group called Fur Affinity was established in 2005 and has grown to become the largest online community in the furry fandom. The site features music, art, and stories from around the world. Its leadership is Dragoneer, and it is the only group dedicated to anthropomorphic and furry art. You can view artwork, write comments, and read other posts to discover new talents. However, it’s not just furry art that’s popular in the furry community.

When launched, Fur Affinity was under the management of IMVU, which is rebranding itself as Together Labs and taking a large investment from NetEase. After IMVU’s bankruptcy, Dragoneer repurchased the site and rebranded it as Fur Affinity. This rebranding has also brought a new logo. As part of its expansion, Fur Affinity will continue to offer a wide range of services to promote the furry fan community.

A new owner of Fur Affinity

A new owner of Fur Affinity aims to bring more diversity to the website. In addition to a new name, the website also features a brand new logo and updated design. Although it was originally owned by IMVU, it has been re-branded as Together Labs and taken on a major investment from NetEase. During its run, the site has been a hub for a number of controversial topics.

The community is one of the largest online communities in the furry fandom. Its members post art, music, and stories on the site. Many people post their own stories on the site, and many people share their works with other members. In addition to promoting their own works, Fur Affinity has a large forum for sharing the content of other furries. As a result, the community is constantly thriving and evolving. While the community itself is a huge success, the site is not without its problems.

In addition to the forum itself, the website’s creator, Dragoneer, has a long history with the furry fandom. His passion for art has helped the website gain a reputation as one of the most popular social platforms for furry fans. There are various ways to join and contribute to the community, including creating art for free and posting it on other sites. The most common way is to become a member of the community.

the community has become a popular

While the community has become a popular destination for furry fans from all over the world, there are still some challenges. Not all of them are well-known. Some have no idea how to start a furry fandom. But they do have a mission. They create their own art in order to promote their favorite furry characters. The community has many members from different countries, and the community is growing every day. Whether they are in the United States or Australia, Fur Affinity is an online community for those who love the furry world.

In 2010 Fur Affinity was the largest social art website for furry fans. It was once known as VCL and had a much larger audience. Its administrators said that the website was under the sole ownership of Dragoneer. Its new owner, Dragoneer, repurchased the site for more money than he originally sold it for. The site was up for several years under IMVU. Currently, the web-based community is under Frost Dragon Art, LLC.

In addition to furry characters, Fur Affinity has its own art community. A number of artists showcase their newest creations here. In addition to anthro art, the site also has fandoms of Digimon and Pokemon. They are a popular place to post a furry character. But it is not without its problems.


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