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Hampton Social – Chicago’s NeweChicago’s Newst Beachfront Restaurant

Hampton Social opened its first restaurant in the River North district of Chicago in February 2017, to an enthusiastic response. Within a month, lines stretched out the door. Eventually, they hired security to keep the crowds under control. Currently, the chain has stores in Tampa, Florida, and Naples, Illinois. They have also opened a location in Nashville, Tennessee, a few months before COVID-19 hit the area. The restaurant’s food is average at best, but the atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

The Hampton Social is a casual, beachside hangout that celebrates the laid-back coastal lifestyle with an eclectic mix of dishes, craft cocktails, and live music. The menu at Hampton Social is updated weekly, and guests are encouraged to bring friends and family along. Several of the restaurants are also available as private dining rooms. Those interested in spending an evening out in the Hamptons can make reservations in the restaurant’s private dining room.

Another Hampton Social location

Another Hampton Social location is planned for Orlando, Florida, opening in 2021. The venue will have three levels and total 17,890 square feet. Among the highlights of the new venue will be a large, private dining room, and a rooftop terrace for private events. The bar features a rotating selection of wines, including a collection from local wineries and a cocktail list that includes classics as well as some unusual concoctions.

The Hampton Social is a popular destination for upscale beachfront dining. In addition to its casual atmosphere, the restaurant boasts an expansive wine list and live music. Signature seafood fare will be on the menu, as is a full bar. For those looking to host a dinner party, Hampton Social offers private dining rooms, semi-private spaces, and a rooftop terrace. It also has a number of private dining rooms.

Aside from its original Chicago location, Hampton Social is also expanding across the country. The company has plans to quadruple its restaurant group in three years. The group currently has five restaurants in Illinois, including three Hampton Social locations, a one-off Beach House Social, and a blues-themed cocktail lounge called Bassment. The first Hampton will open outside of Illinois in December, with a third in Skokie before the end of the year.

Despite the many Chicago-area locations

Despite the many Chicago-area locations, Hampton Social is a favorite among Chicago locals. Founded in 2015, the restaurant aims to be an American institution by 2020, with plans to grow its network to 21 restaurants. Currently, the company has five locations in Illinois, including three Hampton Social and one Beach House Social. It also has two other Chicago restaurants in suburban Skokie, Illinois. The goal is to be a national restaurant brand in three years.

The Hampton Social is the first restaurant in Orlando to open across the nation. The brand has won several awards for its food and service, and the brand has expanded its locations to other cities. Located on I-Drive near the Convention Center, the restaurant will feature 10,000 square feet of dining space, including an expansive outdoor patio and private dining rooms. It is one of the few restaurants in Florida to offer such a wide variety of menu items.

The Hampton Social plans

The Hampton Social plans to expand to four locations in Chicago by the end of the year. Currently, the group has five locations in Chicago, including three Hampton units, a one-off Beach House Social, and a bluesy cocktail lounge called Bassment. The first Hampton Social will be opened outside of Illinois in December, and the next in Illinois will be in Skokie. The Parker Restaurant Group is also planning to open a second Chicago location in Skokie.

The Hampton Social is an elegant restaurant that features a modern nautical theme. It is the seventh Hampton Social location, and the first three-story location. The new restaurant will include a first-floor Rose lounge, a second-floor dining area, a rooftop space, and a private dining room. The restaurant also has a full-service catering business, offering a wide range of cuisines and drinks. In addition to a diverse seafood menu, the restaurant also offers a full-service bar and a raw bar.


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