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Caliber Collision Announces Merger With ABRA Auto Body Repair of America

They Caliber Collision provide repair solutions to insurance campanies that increase customer satisfaction, drive policyholder retention, and lower claims costs. In 2019, H&F acquired the company, combining it with ABRA Auto Body & Glass, LP. In a recent statement, Caliber Collision reaffirmed its commitment to the community by introducing a new service center in downtown Lewisville.

caliber collision

The combined company has over 1,000 locations, a national footprint, and similar operating philosophies. The combined company will offer unparalleled customer service, deliver industry-leading performance to insurance carriers, and create value for consumers. Caliber Collision is thrilled to support this merger. We look forward to seeing the results of this innovative partnership.

The merger of Caliber Collision Centers

The merger of Caliber Collision Centers and Abra Auto Body Repair of America will benefit consumers and insurance providers alike. Our mission is to continue setting new standards of quality and service in the collision repair industry.

With the recent expansion of Caliber Collision Centers’ nationwide footprint, the company’s growth rate is expected to remain strong. The merger will increase the combined company’s revenue by over 40% to over $1.65 billion. By partnering with a leading collision repair provider, Caliber will be able to deliver a higher level of customer service and cutting-edge technology to its clients.

The merger of Caliber Collision Centers and Abra Auto Body Repair of America will expand the combined company’s reach to over a thousand locations. With this acquisition, the combined company will continue to innovate and set new standards in car body repair.

Caliber Collision Centers

Caliber Collision Centers and ABRA Auto Body Repair of America are merging to offer more services to insurance clients and consumers. The merger will result in a company with over 1,000 locations in 37 states. The combined company will have a national footprint with a similar operating philosophies. Both companies will share a common commitment to their communities. Founded in 1997, Caliber Collision Centers continues to raise standards in the collision repair industry.

By merging with Abra, Caliber Collision Centers will have over a thousand locations in the U.S. The combined company will offer a wide range of services, including paintless dent repair. The merger will provide a better level of service for consumers.

Caliber Collision Centers

Founded in 1997, Caliber Collision Centers is an auto body and paint shop. Its unyielding commitment to customers and communities has helped the company grow from a single location to a nationwide presence with over 1100 locations. With their high-quality service, Abra-Caliber continues to raise the bar and redefine the collision repair industry.

Abra-Caliber will continue to grow its business by acquiring a leading collision repair company. Abra-Caliber’s reputation for providing world-class services is one of the company’s defining characteristics. Ultimately, it will be an even bigger, more comprehensive collision service company.

As a top-tier auto body repair and paint shop, Caliber Collision will continue to grow its business model to include a national footprint. It will continue to focus on delivering best-in-class customer service to its insurance clients and will continue to evolve its service offerings. Its locations are located throughout the United States.


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