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SAFe® RTE: An Overview

SAFe® Release Train Engineer, also Popularly known as SAFe® RTE is a very Lean-Agile facilitating Program that is among the trios with system architects and product managers. This takes an essential role in leading ARTS or Agile Release Trainers to deliver proper value. That’s why to pursue the course the RTE must be obligated to maintain the right conversations, the right environment as well as introduce the right meetings, and make a collection of the right people to undertake proper decisions based on the correct data.

What you’ll learn?

In the course of SAFe® Release Train Engineering. you’ll get to know how to execute and continuously upgrade various PI Planning along with the various many SAFe® key events. You might learn new ways about leadership coaching, along with teams and also Scrum Masters as well in the latest processes and innovative mindsets. Also, you’ll be provided with good guidance and various tools you may require to work efficiently in the various remote environments with your own teams in a distributed fashion.

The Release Trainer Engineering course of SAFe® makes its trainees more ready and up to date and boosts their confidence in the various new significant areas of Scrum Agile delivery of Scaled Agile Framework.

Help provided

The SAFe® RTE training course allows the student to application of the Lean-Agile information and the various tools to be executed as well as the value of the release. It assists with different programs and helps in executing a larger solution. There also remains scope for consistent improvement by building a high-performing Agile Release Train by getting the chance to become both a leader and coach, formulating a measuring and execution plan to carry forward the journey of learning.

The Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer course or SAFe® RTE course is a Scaled Agile Framework training course with 3- day advance level in which the attendees learn to understand on promoting the delivery of value on an  end-to-end basis, in an exclusively single program as well as the Value Stream of an enterprise with Lean-agility.


The criteria for obtaining a Scaled Agile Framework RTE certification is to pass the RTE assessment of the SAFe®. This assessment on behalf of SAFe® RTE is available by an exam that is available online for each and everyone who decides to attend the RTE training course. The first try at the Scaled Agile Framework exam would be counted in the SAFe® RTE course registration cost, but only if the exam for RTE has been taken over the last 30 days after the course completion. Following that, each RTE exam retake costs a minimum of fifty dollars.

About the Exam-

Add new projects to your portfolio and receive a machine learning certificate to display your expertise. The SAFe® RTE training course prepares you well for this exam.

This examination is formulated to properly evaluate the knowledge as well as the skill required for this job role. There are indeed a number of resources that can help examinees prepare for the exam both after and before taking the SAFe® RTE course.


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