Dancing ballet requires precision to present the best performance. It means you must repeatedly practice all the technical and artistic elements to achieve perfection. The visual aspects of the dance should be as clean as your performance. If you dance ballet, you must keep in mind that girls ballet shoes must always be in their best condition during training or actual performance.  

Caring for your ballet shoes depends on their materials. Canvas shoes are considered the easiest to maintain because they are machine washable. But the more delicate ones like satin or leather ballet shoes need more attention. Here are the best tips to clean and maintain ballet shoes for girls to keep them in their pristine state for a long time.  

For Canvas Ballet Shoes  

More ballet dancers choose footwear made with canvas for many reasons. They tend to fit the feet better and provide the best traction. But aside from its ability to accommodate your foot shape, girls ballet shoes made with canvas are also the easiest to clean compared to other types of ballet shoes.  

Cleaning canvas ballet shoes requires the following materials:  

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  • Lingerie/small laundry bag  
  • Soft towel 
  • Non-bleaching mild detergent 
  • Washing machine 

To clean the footwear, you must place it in the lingerie bag to protect it once loaded inside the machine. Then set the device in the delicate cycle option and load it with cold water and an adequate amount of detergent. Put the lingerie bag into the machine and wait until the cycle is over. Once done, you can remove the shoes from the bag and lay them flat on a soft towel, and place them in a dry place away from the direct heat of the sun. You can reshape them and let them dry properly before using them.  

However, you must remember to avoid using fabric softener or bleach when washing the canvas ballet shoes to prevent compromising the material. You must also avoid placing the pair in the tumble dryer.  

For Leather Ballet Shoes  

Young ballet dancers usually use leather ballet shoes because they are more durable and last longer. But unlike canvas shoes, you cannot put them in a washing machine.  

Cleaning leather ballet shoes require the following materials:  

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  • Small bowl or cup 
  • Soft sponge  
  • Mild liquid dish soap 
  • Soft towel 
  • Warm water 

To begin cleaning the footwear, you must mix several drops of dish soap in the bowl or cup with at least one cup of warm water to turn it sudsy. Then wet the pond using the foamy mixture to wash the surface of the footwear properly. Then rinse the sponge using clean water and rinse away all the remaining soapy residue. Finally, dry it thoroughly using a soft towel. 

For Satin Ballet Shoes  

Ballet dancers choose satin footwear because of its aesthetic quality. They enhance the look of any ballet costume and make girls look more polished and dainty. But among three choices, satin ballet shoes are less durable and accumulate dirt faster.  

To clean your satin ballet footwear, you will need:  

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  • Gentle laundry soap 
  • Small basin or tub 
  • Cold water 
  • Soft towel 

Once you have all the materials ready, you must fill the tub or basin with cold water. Put in your desired amount of gentle laundry soap, then submerge the shoes in it. Hand wash the footwear carefully without twisting or wringing it. Then rinse the shoe using clean cold water. Once all the soap suds are removed, you can begin squeezing the excess water gently, then lay them flat on your soft towel to let it dry. Keep it away from direct sunlight.   

Taking care of your ballet shoes will allow you to maximize their uses for a long time. Also, clean ballet shoes make your performance look more pristine and spotless. So always remember to clean your ballet footwear after every training and performance to give them the proper care they deserve.   

By Alison

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