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7XV5662 6AD10

The Thermobox TR1200 can catch up to 12 temperatures with 12 estimating inputs. 2-and Conductor Pt 100 sensors are upheld. For the 2 guide modes, the deliberate guide Resistance can be made up for with a comparing setting. The estimation of temperatures in May is recreated for authorized purposes. The result of estimated qualities to the insurance Device is viable with TR600 and Implemented with transport link 7XV5103-7Aaxx through A RS485-Bus. All settings are done through 3 press buttons on the front of the gadget. The section can be hindered through a Code. 

The 7XV5662 6AD10 has a wide reach power supply from 24 V – 250 V DC and 115/230 V AC just as A caution hand-off. Sensor disappointment or sensor short out are frightened and sent through convention to The SIPROTEC – gadget. 

Communication over RS485-Bus. 

The Thermobox TR1200 is associated through an RS485-connection point to one SIPROTEC 4 straight gadget with Thermo work (for example 7SJ6, 7UT6, 7UM6) or to the minimized security 7SK80 through a sequential RS485-Interface (Port B). The unique link 7XV5103-7Aaxx is utilized for the association. In the case of remote estimating Locations, the associations may likewise be finished utilizing multimode fiber optic guides and the Converter 7XV5650. 

Capability with TR600. 

SIPROTEC 4 insurance gadgets can process up to 12 temperature estimations. Already two Thermoboxes of type TR600 were needed for this reason. The Thermobox TR1200 can, through its 12 Pt100 estimating inputs, supplant up to two Thermoboxes of type TR600 for temperature Measurement. 

The TR1200 doesn’t give any caution signs or contacts of its own. The caution limits should be set, demonstrated, and yield through contact or moved to the framework Interface independently for each info. For various applications, 3 methods of activity are accessible. Each of the three modes is viable with Thermo box TR600 with 6 estimating inputs. The method of activity is set employing the RS 485 location of The TR1200. 


  • Oberteil/cover 
  • Unterteil/base 
  • Riegel/bar for snap mounting 
  • Plombenlasche/hook for fixing 
  • Frontplatteneinsatz/front board 
  • Kennzeichen für unten/position descending 
  • Riegel bei Wandbefestigung mit Schrauben. Riegelbohrung Ø 4,2 mm/ 
  • For fixing to divider with screws, Ø 4,2 mm. 


The RTD-box TR1200 is associated through an RS485 connection point to one SIPROTEC 4 inlet gadget with thermo work (e. G. 7SJ6, 7UT6, 7UM6) or the minimal security 7SK80 through a sequential RS485-interface (Port B). 

The exceptional link 7XV5103-7Aaxx is utilized for the association. In the case of remote Measuring areas, the associations may likewise be finished utilizing multi-mode fiber-optic Clconductors and the converter 7XV5650. 


  • 3-digit temperature show 
  • 12 contributions for temperature sensors, 1 to 12 sensors can be associated 
  • Pt 100 indoor regulators with 2-or 3-guide innovation 
  • 1 mistake transfer (sans potential change-Over contact) 
  • RS485 interface (ZIEHL standard convention and MODBUS RTU convention) 
  • Driven sign the estimating channel, Error state, hand-off function, and RS485 Activity 
  • Code lock forestalls boundary control 
  • TR600 viable (to supplant o R600 with 6 sensors associated) 
  • General power-supply 24 to 240 V AC/DC 
  • Snap-on mounting onto 35 mm standard rail EN 60715 


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