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Receive SMS on PC without phone number in 2022

In today’s world, the text message has a very much vital role. It will help us to create accounts in popular social networks or messengers, exchange information about anything among all people. Sometimes it makes a big problem when you are so much busy in your work and have little distance from your mobile or just you don’t have phone number to receive SMS. That’s why there’s gotta be access to SMS from your computer. 

Also, some time for commercial use, we need to use a computer for receive SMS online to create online accounts in international social media, messengers, applications in a bulk. In this article, I clear your query about how to receive text messages on a computer without a cell phone number. 

Receive SMS on PC without Cell Phone — Full Guide from SMS-man 

So it’s very much important to know or learn about virtual numbers or how can receive text from PC without phone number. Also in the market, there are many methods available to easily do this, but I prefer to one I discuss below. 

Now I will tell you website name, where you can easily receive online SMS without a mobile device and without your own real phone number. Also, you do not need to install any app on your phone to receive text messages. 

Website to receive online SMS on virtual numbers 

SMS-man is a most interesting online service to bypass SMS verification. With the help of OTP bypass website, you can easily get your SMS on your computer from any websites or applications, like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram also. 

Sometimes it’s really important to hide our real phone number for business purpose especially who works in web services. 

SMS-man is the best option for you if you’re searching for a virtual number where you want to receive SMS from popular apps or websites. Today you don’t need to use their own phone number to create account in Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram. You can use virtual number to avoid spam and remain anonymous on the Web. 

Our main goal is to provide a reliable SMS gateway with the best rates and fast delivery of messages. We are reliable and trustworthy partners for our customers. Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists with experience in the field of messaging for many years. 

SMS-man offers the following services: provides cheap SMS service with high quality which you can use for your marketing campaigns, sending alerts and reminders to your clients, informing them about changes to your product range and much more. Our SMS delivery is instant, so you can reach your clients quickly enough! 

SMS-man provides flexible and easy to use interface that allows you to manage your account anytime you want! You can recieve messages directly in the account on sms-man website. We provide you with a completely white label solution so it will be hard to notice that you are sending messages via If you want to use additional services such as delivery reports, reply messages etc., they are also available at an affordable price! 


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