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Five Contemporary Ways To Design Your Dining Space

Five Contemporary Ways To Design Your Dining Space
Nothing bonds people like having a sumptuous meal together. Top that off with a stylish ambience and you’ll be the perfect host, remembered by all your friends and family. For modern dining room ideas that are perfect for contemporary homes, keeping it sleek and streamlined is crucial. Modernity does mean having things so slick that they lose their homely essence. You can use color, pattern and beautiful furniture and accessories to add character and style. Here are some tips from the experts that will help you achieve this balance. 

  • Experiment with darker hues

If you want to make an unforgettable impact, don’t be afraid to experiment with dark colors in the dining room. Dark interiors will lend a dramatic and evocative feel. Incorporate deep lacquered browns, reds or rusts, coloured ceilings, dimly lit wall lights into your furniture. You can also insert dark colored furniture like dining chairs and tables paired with shiny silverware. The trend for dark interiors throughout your home is on the rise, but nowhere do you have more license to be flamboyant with them than in the dining room. 

  • Keep It Minimalistic 

If you’re short on space and need to maximize your area then keeping it as minimalistic as possible will go a long way. Declutter your dining room by removing excessive items. To maintain a sleek, modern look in a smaller dining area, do away with unnecessary furniture and keep the focus on your dining table decor ideas and the table itself. Check out some unique 4 seater dining table designs here. 

  • Add Modern Lighting Fixtures

Functional and attractive lighting is an essential feature of a modern dining room. Pendant lighting is very on-trend right now, with affordable and stylish designs. Options come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes ranging from contemporary copper, to vintage enamel. Whether you choose to install a single light, or make a statement by hanging them in a group, pendant lights are a great way to add colour, or enhance a decorating style. By hanging pendants over a dining table, you will create a stunning focal point. 

  • Keep A Statement Sideboard

While keeping the dining table as the main focus of your room, make sure that the other furniture is aligned with the modern style that you are going for. If you have enough space, place a sleek sideboard into your dining room. It will not only look stylish but will enable you to store your silverware and glassware, keeping them handy. You can also place flowers or other subtle ornaments on it, elevating the overall look of your dining room

  • Mesmerize With Murals 

Murals are charming, vibrant and highly in trend in the interior decor industry right now. They look breathtaking so consider some gorgeous wallcoverings and decorate with fantastical scenes and stylised inky imagery and fine architectural drawings. Designs that focus on gardens and florals look enchanting and will create a warm and welcoming space for entertaining guests. Simple curtains and furniture in contemporary shapes will act as a foil to the whimsical feel of the murals. 

You can modernize a traditional dining room by being a little more daring with dramatic materials. Add in various textures and don’t be afraid to experiment. Let your creativity loose and revamp your dining room.


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