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The ultimate GIF-making guide for beginners

Social media platforms are bursting with GIFs. GIFs are helping businesses create attention-grabbing ads that are humorous or tell stories in a flash. People and brands use these animated images in varied ways to express emotions and connect with followers. What’s more, these files are smaller in size than videos, and therefore, easy to load and share across social media platforms. 

The popular GIF database, GIPHY, reports the explosion in the use of GIFs. The database claims to have more than three hundred million daily active users. Read along to know the different methods to create GIFs. 

Create a GIF via screen-recording 

You can record GIF on Mac or Windows using applications like GifCam or GIPHY Capture. These apps allow you to capture on-screen activity, and it is an excellent option if you are trying to visually show steps on how to use your product or writing an instructional article. 

You need to launch the screen-recording GIF app and click on the recording overlay. Pull the mask on the particular areas you want to capture, and you can enlarge the area by clicking and dragging the bottom-right corner. To record the screen, press the circular red button and press again to stop recording. Below the recording overlay, you will see a thumbnail preview of the GIF you have created. 

Then, you can personalize your GIF by looking at the options menu. You can customize by selecting the frame rate, pixel size, and loop type. Trim your GIF by dragging the tabs in from the right or left. You can even add captions. Finally, save the GIF you have created and upload it across your social media platforms. 

Create GIFs using Photoshop

Photoshop can be used to string pictures together to create a GIF. You can even use short videos. 

To use photos and create GIFs, you need to load your choice of pictures into Photoshop. Go to File > select Stack > choose Load Files into Stack. Select Browse and choose the images you wish to use. Each of these pictures will be one frame in the GIF you create. If you want to use short videos, you need to load your video file into Photoshop. Click File > select Import > select Video frames to layers. You also need to select the portion of the video that you want to import by using the slider. 

Click Ok to proceed to the next step. 

Then, click the Window menu and select Timeline to convert your image layers into looping animation frames. Select the hamburger menu and select Make frames from layers. In the Timeline panel, you can see the animation frames in sequences and drag them to reorder them. Click the triangular Play button to see how your GIF will appear. Ensure to select Forever in the drop-down menu so your GIF loops over and over again. 

Then, you need to export your GIF by clicking File > selecting Export > selecting Save for Web. Click Save, and you have successfully created your GIF in photoshop

Create GIFs using GIPHY’s GIF Maker

GIPHY is one of the most popular libraries of animated GIFs, and it offers GIF Maker that can be used to create GIFs for free. You can create GIFs from YouTube links, videos, still photos, and existing GIFs. 

You need to enter a YouTube video link or a link from Vimeo or drag and drop a video file. After you have uploaded the file, you will be taken to a screen where you can edit and personalize your GIF. Then, you need to trim the video to a duration of two to six seconds. It will ensure the file size is small enough to load and share quickly across social media and other digital platforms. You can even upload a series of pictures to create a slideshow. 

You can also add stickers, captions, or drawings to the GIF. When you are satisfied with your creation, you can upload it by adding a few tags so people can find your GIFs easily. 


These are some of the ways to create GIFs for your brand’s marketing strategy or your personal use. When you plan to use the GIF to promote your brand, ensure it is true to the values of your business and has all the elements to engage your audience. 

So, you can go ahead and try creating unique GIFs to wow your target audience by following any of the methods mentioned above. You must remember to have fun during the process because GIFs are supposed to be funny, humorous, or hilarious while getting the message across.


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