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Overnight desert safari Dubai: All you need to know

A night safari in the desert is a fantastic experience. You camp out in the middle of a desert and see the stars at night. You also witness the sunrise and the sunset. This is an excellent combination of two different types of activities. Relax by the bonfire and enjoy stunning belly dance and fire shows along with the barbecue dinner ever. Wake up to soulful sunrise views and eat a delicious breakfast before returning.

Overview of the overnight desert safari Dubai:

The Overnight Desert Safari Dubai is a perfect getaway. You’ll be taken to the Arabian desert of Dubai and stay there overnight. You’ll also have a chance to enjoy a range of fun activities such as sandboarding, camel riding, and much more. After sunset, you’ll relax in our desert camp and enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner. In the morning, wake up to the stunning desert sunrise and then leave the wilderness of the Arabian desert.

This camp is located near a desert, and there is plenty of sand around. There are tents and sleeping bags provided for you to sleep in. You can also enjoy unlimited tea and coffee. There is a souvenir shop, a sand art shop, fresh juices, private shisha at the table, special brand tea and coffee at the corner shop, long camel safaris, horse riding, photo with falcon, and quad bike rides.

If we talk about the timing then your tour operators will pick you up from the hotel at 3 PM. The overnight desert safari tour will end at 8 AM the next morning. In the overnight desert safari Dubai you will experience too many activities.

What you need to know before going for the overnight Dubai desert safari:

Guests should provide ID proof at the time of booking and upon arrival. Foreign nationals should provide their passports and visas at the time of booking. Guests should follow guidelines issued by the respective state government. You should use hand sanitizer and face masks frequently.

You have to go to the lobby before 15 minutes. Minimum 2 adults are required to book the advanced package and four adults to book the basic package. The activities might be delayed or postponed because of weather conditions. The next best possible date/time will be communicated in such situations.

Ramadan is a religious holiday observed by Muslims worldwide. In the month of Ramadan all the Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Alcohol consumption is prohibited during this period.

The temperature at night:

Deserts are hot because there is less moisture than in other places. Moisture helps hold heat inside the Earth. Deserts are also cool because they are drier than other areas.

What to wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing is required for an overnight desert safari in Dubai. Men should wear cotton pants or shorts, and women should wear pants and a T-Shirt or Salwar Kameez. You should also bring a light jacket if you’re visiting during the winter.

Vehicle for the Dubai desert safari:

Desert safari tours are conducted by using four-wheel-drive vehicles. Tourists prefer these vehicles because they can withstand the pressure and thrust of driving over dunes. Luxury 4×4 drive vehicles provide tourists with an opportunity to experience the thrill of desert bashing. Safety is the most critical aspect when conducting such activities. Only the best vehicles are used for this purpose.

Activities of the overnight desert safari Dubai:

Desert safaris are great fun. You should go on them if you’re interested! Camel riding, dune driving, sand skiing, sandboarding, quad biking, henna painting, sunset photography, Shisha, belly dancing, etc.

Camps for the night accommodation:

Camps are great for those who want to travel on a budget. You will also get the private camps that give you the most privacy; a private camp is ideal for a romantic getaway or honeymoon.

What is included in the dinner?

Tour operators want to make sure every guest has what they need to enjoy their trip. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian dinners available for guests. Snacks are also offered. Guests can choose from a barbecue meal or a buffet.

What will you get for breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal, so you should expect a delicious breakfast when you’re on an overnight desert safari. You’ll be served Arabic coffee and tea and fresh dates. Some tour operators may serve other items, but you can be sure that you will be done with fresh foods and ingredients every time!

Best time for the overnight desert safari Dubai?

Dubai Desert Safari is amazing to visit throughout most of the year. It would help if you visited the city between February and May because the weather is warm and pleasant. During these months, you can enjoy your overnight safari without having to suffer through unbearable heat.


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