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How did glasses gain momentum as a fashion accessory in the mainstream?

When was the first time you started wearing glasses? I was in 5th standard when I received my very first pair of glasses due to a lazy eye situation. Earlier I used to like the idea of wearing glasses, acting all grown up, but when I actually started growing up, I wished to get them off. I used to feel embarrassed and would never get a picture clicked with the glasses on. Maybe because earlier glasses were considered to be super uncool and also it provides a geek look you would never want to try on at that time. You can even buy spectacles online

The change in time

The time did change fast, now I’m a sucker for eyeglasses, I have a cat-eye, round-wayfarers, rectangular, and aviators and wish to keep this collection going. Thanks to the advancement in the eyewear industry, and the increase in the designs and collections they brought up. But how did these glasses sector bring up the collection like no other, how did they get a healthcare accessory to become eyewear. It’s surely a long journey and let’s walk through the same lane and explore how I became a sucker for fashion glasses. 

Earlier, it was not the glasses that stood the ground, it was the sunglasses. They were the star stoppers and the ramp walkers of all time. They used to be among the favourite choice of accessories for celebrities. Those glasses were made available just as an object of health correction but what stole the show was these sunglasses. 

But the glasses still held the position of being a health accessory, they were also considered to be super geeky and uncool and people usually used to get made fun of wearing these glasses. 

Change in fashion trend 

As you must be aware of the fact that the eyewear industry moving online brought the ever-required boost for the sector to prosper in the fashion industry. The boost of the internet and the shift of the eyewear industry brought up the change in collection. Even the smaller brands got an equal platform to sell their products, this increased the competition and many of them shifted towards being designer brands. The fashion trend boomed and the companies started manufacturing designer glasses, the glasses were low in price and why is that? 

Earlier there were just a few brands that would offer designer glasses, and those were quite expensive for a layperson. But this boom allowed even the smaller players to show the best of their game. And due to the increased competition, these brands started providing the glasses at a lower price but at top-notch quality. This move made the designer glasses accessible for laypeople easily at a lower price. 

Designer glasses for men 

Now when you know all the history about the set for designer glasses, the next is a few suggestions for designer glasses for men

  • Square glasses- What else you could ask for a studious and smart look of all time. Its geometrical features make it a much-admired pick for the one with soft facial features. One of the bold looks of these glasses is also suitable for one who has an angular face shape as well if required as fashion is never bounded. 
  • Round glasses- Round glasses or Lennon glasses or Harry Potter glasses are popular in various names but their main job is to get your style up. Round shape glasses provide the much-required balance to the facial features of one with an angular shape. These glasses are nothing but straight start toppers in the glasses realm, an experimental and stylish pick for your daily wear use. 
  • Sports glasses- If you are not aware of this, then we are happy to inform you that sports glasses have entered the mainstream and have become a choice as famous among its audience. The tinted lenses are perfect for your daily outdoor adventure and a style that cannot be ignored once you wear them. 
  • Geometrical shape- No, there are no maths formulas written on the glasses, they have the name of multiple sides and corners. If you are bored by using those same glasses every day and want to try out something super experimental, then it’s the perfect pick for a unique style. 
  • Transparent glasses- Carrying the utmost minimalist style right on its tiny hinges, these glasses are pure class. These glasses have the ability to never overpower the outfit but still become an attention grabber like no other in a crowded room. 

These are a few suggestions that one must absolutely consider in adding to your wardrobe for an absolute punch in fashion. 


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