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Most Common Sandboxie Alternatives for Windows and Linux with Detail

Sandboxie is one of those tools you don’t know you need until you have it. Sandboxie will help to keep your PC free from malware and online threats by creating a safe space for each of your browser add-ons and programs. But what if Sandboxie is too costly for your budget? We’ve got a few sandboxie alternative to help make your browsing safe without taking up too much room on your hard drive.

Cuckoo Sandbox

A free and open-source sandbox for Microsoft Windows that allows you to run suspicious files and programs in an isolated environment. Cuckoo Sandbox contains multiple virtual machines, and any actions performed inside of a VM will have no effect on your host operating system or other VMs. This means that even if malware does infect one of our VMs, your computer remains safe from harm as long as you don’t go inside any infected VMs.

SHADE Sandbox

SHADE is a powerful tool for advanced users who want to quickly analyze suspicious files in their PCs. It doesn’t come with an installer, so you’ll have to extract its contents to any folder on your system. To start using it, simply double-click one of its shortcuts and select a file from your desktop or another location.


Shadow Defender is a powerful security solution that protects your computer against malware attacks. It enables to scan, detect and remove all kinds of threats like spyware, adware, ransomware or other viruses from computer. In addition, it will manage your startup items in order to protect your system while it’s starting up and turning off unnecessary programs that might be slowing down your computer.


Fire jail is a sandbox program that reduces the risk of security breaches by restricting programs’ capabilities. It allows a process and all its descendants to have their own private view of globally shared kernel resources, such as file systems, network, user IDs and limits. Fire jail is targeted at developers who want to minimize vulnerabilities in their code or at server administrators who want to reduce vulnerabilities exposed to web applications. In addition, it may be used directly by advanced users for more general-purpose needs.

Buffer Zone

Buffer zone is a program that saves computer’s state and settings at regular intervals, so if you experience a system crash or other anomaly or simply decide to reset your computer, you can return to exactly where you were. It also keeps saved versions of opened files.

Enigma Virtual Box Alternatives

Enigma Virtual Box software is easy-to-use, free program for creating a multiple virtual PCs. If you’re looking for other options to protect a single PC or Mac from viruses and spyware or give your computer a new look, check out these programs.


When you want to do a clean install of your operating system, and you’re worried about all those apps popping up on your desktop while it installs and running amok. You need Deep Freeze. It stops everything from running and keep it stopped, even after you boot back into Windows. Deep freeze is great if you’re installing a new operating system like Windows 8 or 10

ToolWiz Time Freeze

If you want to free up some computer memory but don’t want to shut down unnecessary processes, then try out tool Wiz time freeze. Like most other tools of its kind, it gives you full control over what is running on your computer and what is not. Although a bit pricey compared to similar products, it has a slick interface that makes everything easy to understand.


If you are a Mac user and do not want to purchase an additional program for disk encryption, try MBOX. It is very simple to install it from your Applications folder and then drag and drop files onto its icon to encrypt them. When you’re done working with them, drag and drop your files again to decrypt them. It’s that simple! To learn more about how MBOX works under-the-hood, check out our interview with Mozy’s director of engineering

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