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Australian Business Hits the Road with Great Ute Hire

A New Fleet for Long-term Transport, Heavy Items or Large Distances

Serving your long and short-term rental needs for UTE vehicles, CVG Hire has all the vehicles you need. They provide long-term commercial rentals for any small truck or utility vehicle that you need. Adding new vehicles to the fleet allows for more availability, larger variety and ensures there is a vehicle available to fit any need.

Save Time With a Ute for Moving

Adding to the fleet with several vehicles that are well suited to long-distance transport and for moving large or heavy items has created a selection of vehicles that will fit every need. Vehicles available include vans, trucks, light trucks, utility vehicles, and more. This fleet is regularly inspected and maintained by qualified mechanics and kept in the best operating condition. A new fleet allows for all transportation needs to be met. Several businesses can find their ideal long-term rental, including delivery vans, transportation trucks for larger deliveries or moving locations, and UTE vehicles for any need. Unlike other vehicle rentals, which are short-term only, long-term rentals allow you to operate your own business knowing that you have the vehicles you need available to you. If your needs change, you can easily return your rental and select a different vehicle that is a better fit, allowing the business owner to focus only on the business and trust the vehicles to CVG Hire. Moving, either a home or a business can be a stressful time and has many different factors to consider and plan. Make it easier with a rental UTE for your move. The open back allows for furniture and supplies to be easily loaded and moved from one location to another and can save on both moving costs and time. Rent the UTE for as long as you need to complete your move. Renting a truck for your move allows for more things to be moved at one time and can allow for fewer trips in order to complete the move, and can move both large and small items. The flexibility of a vehicle rental offers more control over the move and ensures that you can complete your move in full and safely. Commercial and personal rental vehicles offer the flexibility of having a fleet of vehicles available without the individual expenses and maintenance of each vehicle. When needs change, simply return the vehicle that is no longer suitable and drive away in one that fits current needs. Businesses can save money through long-term rentals by ensuring the maintenance, upkeep, and registrations are all taken care of by the rental company. It also ensures that a wide range of vehicles is available without the need to purchase each one individually for short-term or long-term use and can offer flexibility and reliability to any business. Keep any business active by using long-term vehicle rentals to have access to a full fleet of vehicles.


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