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How to Choose the Best Air Track Mat?

Air tracks are closely related to acrobatic disciplines, especially those that require good bounce. However, due to their stability and resistance, they can also be used in sports that require firm and constant contact with the ground, as occurs in various types of martial arts. The advantage is that there is more than one type of air track mat, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

What can they be used for?

It is ideal for sports that require a smooth and stable base for training. In addition, the larger sizes can function as a track for hands-free gymnastics or disciplines such as taekwondo. There are several sizes available, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and your budget. Air track mat can be used in many ways, you can use it to perform somersaults, combat forms such as, martial arts, Yoga, Taekwondo, rhythmic movement routines, cheerleading, and even dance steps.

What are its advantages compared to other inflatable or normal gymnastics mats?

The biggest advantage that an air track mat can offer over any mat or trampoline is that it is the perfect combination of stability and comfort. It can be soft and flexible, but at the same time, it has enough rigidity to absorb the pressure of the fall. This feature ensures a safe landing after performing a spin and reduces the risk of injury.

What should I keep in mind when buying one?

There are a few factors that you need to consider when purchasing an air track mat. This list will be of great help when choosing.


It is one of the most important aspects; since you will surely want to make the most of the space you have available, especially if you are a high-performance athlete. There are alternatives from 1 meter.


There are several types of thickness available. For example, thicker models are perfect for intense repetition exercises, while a slimmer one works better for calmer activities, such as yoga.


Does it have an electric air pump or extra nozzles? Does it include a repair kit? Asking these questions will not only help you shop smart. They will also allow you to take home a product with excellent value for money.


The most recognized brands on the market offer a guarantee of 1 to 2 years. However, you must be careful, since in many cases it does not cover damage due to misuses, such as breakage or punctures.

How much do they usually cost?

The price of a professional air track mat can range from a minimum of 130 dollars to more than 500 dollars. However, it is convenient to clarify that the most expensive models are also the ones that provide the best quality and resistance, so it is best that you are willing to invest a reasonable amount of money.

However, visit Kameymall website and take advantage of this renowned E-commerce platform, they have offered different models, colors, and quality on their air track mat page. Finally, you should consider that some E-commerce sites or air track mat sellers do not have the appropriate infrastructure to provide a good service, so you may not get the same results as if you placed your order on the Kameymall official website. However, It is best to compare prices and you should also consider that your package may include shipping costs.

Air track mat maintenance tips

Extending the life of your air track mat is easy if you follow these tips. Proper use is a key factor if you want to enjoy your inflatable mat for much longer.

Should it be rolled up or folded for storage?

To avoid possible cracks, it is best to store your air track mat rolled up while not in use. In addition, this technique facilitates its storage once it is completely deflated. You just have to place it in its bag and it will be ready to store.

How long do they usually last?

The useful life of your air track mat depends largely on the use and maintenance that you can give it. They can usually last more than three years. Everything will depend on whether there are major flaws and if the instructions are followed when inflating and deflating it.

Can they be used outside?

All air tracks are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. So you can take them with you camping, to the beach or to the park, without any problem. Just remember to be careful and make sure there are no sharp objects on the surface.

Can they be put in the pool?

Their resistance, durability, and hermeticity make air track mats inseparable companions on summer days. Plus, you can add a little extra fun to your exercise routines just by jumping in the water after you’re done.

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