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VOD and OTT: The Connection Explained

Watching movies and films on satellite television has been outdated yearly. Using satellite television does not work in selecting what you want to watch and when you want to view it. This is because satellite television follows pre-scheduled shows.

But this is no longer a problem with the rise of VOD and OTT streaming services. You can now watch your favorite movies, games, shows, and entertaining sports with these innovations. Video on demand (VOD) has seen a lot of improvements for the past years to the point that the difference between OTT and VOD streaming has become blurry.

So, what makes VOD and OTT different from each other? Although both allow users to stream their favorite TV shows, some slight features and services differ them from each other. For the past years, OTT and VOD streaming have been patronized by many, and thus differentiating the two becomes hard.

But worry no more! Here, you will know the connection, similarities, and differences between VOD and OTT streaming services.

What Is OTT?

Over-the-top streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, have transformed how we watch television shows and movies. These services allow you to watch thousands of demand titles without subscribing to a traditional cable or satellite package.

However, unlike standard packages distributed through a set-top-box or a set-top-box-like interface, an OTT service is delivered through a web browser or an over the top applications. This has opened up the market to a whole new generation of viewers, who don’t have access to traditional TV and don’t want to pay a cable or satellite package’s high prices.

What is OTT? Over The Top, or OTT, is one of the popular streaming services where subscribers can watch movies or shows through the internet. As its name suggests, this streaming service works “over the top” of other available streaming platforms.

As mentioned, many movie viewers would like to avail a cable subscription. This means that their cable TV provider will control and manage the availability and supply of programs. But today, many streaming services have been developed, including Spotify and Netflix. This allows users to subscribe to these services to access hundreds to thousands of programs over the internet.

Compared to the previous years, the cable provider will now only be responsible for providing the internet and will not restrict you from streaming movies you want. This giant leap of improvement has significantly affected advertising.

What Is VOD?

Video on Demand, or VOD, is another popular streaming service. This platform allows users to select how, where, and when to watch video content. This works by enabling viewers to click on a chosen video.

Considering that viewers can stream VOD over the internet, you don’t need satellite or cable connections that conventional broadcast television requires.

It would help if you had a mobile gadget and a reliable internet connection to start watching your favorite viewers. This streaming service allows you to stream pre-recorded content on your internet-connected devices.

The Difference Between VOD and OTT

Even after reading what OTT and VOD are, some of you may still don’t see or understand the difference between OTT and VOD. The following will emphasize how OTT and VOD differ from each other.

What is an OTT platform? It is an app or web browser that allows users to view live or pre-recorded video content using the internet instead of satellite or cable connection. However, VOD streaming platforms enable subscribers to select which connections are most convenient to use. OTT users can only stream online content when broadcasted and cannot be streamed again.

On the other hand, VODs feature downloaded and pre-recorded content. Moreover, they will also allow you to create a movie collection that you have recorded, rented, or purchased. OTT platform, however, will enable subscribers to view video content and access audio streaming services, such as podcasts.

What made the two different from each other was the data transmission system. OTT platforms can only transmit video and audio content over the internet, while VOD services can distribute media through satellite and cable connections.

The Connection (Similarities) Between VOD and OTT

VOD and OTT streaming platforms have confusing similarities. Think of VOD as a giant circle, while OTT is the smaller one you can find within its perimeter. These platforms are very flexible; many subscribers use them interchangeably. These days, most media service providers also offer streaming services included in OTT and VOD.

Users can access OTT and VOD services at their most convenient time. Moreover, both of them can also stream live content through the internet. One of the most prominent examples of these streaming services is Netflix. This is because the application offers SVOD as it allows users a monthly subscription. It is their monetization model. TVOD is another way of monetizing video content. It allows users to purchase one movie or video. Another wide-spread monetization strategy is AVOD referring to advertising-based Video on Demand. 

Final Thoughts

What are OTT and VOD? These are media streaming platforms that have huge similarities with slight differences. But, if you ask if these differences matter, the answer will vary since the two platforms continuously improve their media transmission methods.

Currently, VOD streaming platforms use internet connections to distribute video content. Knowing the difference between the two broadcasting services is essential for a business as it will determine your way of working and whether it matches your goals or not. 

However, with the increasing number of service providers, including OTT and VOD streaming services, determining the difference becomes trickier.

With the continuous development happening in the modern world, satellite and cable TV may move out altogether. Organizations that start their business using these mediums do their best to keep this method as long as possible.

But the internet is becoming more reliable and less expensive, which means that the blurry difference between VOD and OTT will gradually disappear.


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