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Simple SEO Practices You Should Start Right Away

Even before you contact an SEO agency to help you with your website, there are a few things you can easily implement. Then, you’ll be in a better position when you to take your website to the next level. 

SEO Practice Everyone Should Be Using 

Optimising your website means getting more traffic and a higher conversion rate. Of course, this assumes you have relevant content and an offering that answers your customers’ needs. There are various online tools for you to check how well your website is going although it’s worth working with an SEO agency. 

With an SEO agency, you get the latest tools and techniques to stay ahead of the trends. They’ll do a full analysis of your website alongside a competitor analysis to see where you stand. With that information, they’ll advise you on all the following points for both on-page and off-page content. 

  • Create keyword
  • Verify site efficiency
  • Analyse competitors 
  • Gain authority backlinks
  • Concentrate on content
  • Link to reputable sites
  • Optimise photos, headers and URLs
  • Focus on social media
  • Good Analytics 

Create Keyword

A good way to get a large number of keywords on your page is to create longer posts. The more content you have, the more likely you can also detail more information. Then, as any SEO agency will explain, keywords can either be long-tail or Latent Semantic Indexing, LSI for short. 

Long-tail keywords are specific and can be one word or short phrases. On the other hand, LSI keywords have a similar meaning to your main keyword but are different. They add more information for search engines to understand your content more easily. 

Verify Site Efficiency

It’s important to have an SEO agency check that your website is working properly. A slow loading speed puts both people and Google off so they’ll quickly bounce out of your site. Ultimately, you want viewers to stick around and spend as much time as possible on your site and eventually, buy something. 

Analyse Competitors 

Whilst it’s tempting to sit in our bubbles and simply produce content, if you don’t know what niche you’re aiming for, you’ll never stand out. It’s important to understand your competitors and how you differentiate yourself against them.

Of course, you can do your own Google search on your competitors. Although, an SEO agency has the tools and knowledge to do an in-depth analysis from which they’ll develop an optimum strategy. 

Gain Authority Backlinks

The more credible your site, the higher it will rank on Google’s search results. So, you want to know your domain authority even though Google doesn’t use it. Basically, it’s a useful guide to check your website’s status. 

For this, an SEO agency will reach out to reputable webmasters in their network and post your off-page content. This makes your site visible while encouraging viewers to click to view your pages.

Concentrate on Content

Content is still the most important part of any SEO strategy. Yes, you need all the techniques to optimise your content but if it isn’t relevant or interesting, your SEO won’t take you anywhere. Again, an SEO agency is a useful partner who can give you feedback on your content and how to improve it. 

Link to Reputable Sites

To increase your domain authority and overall visibility, you can also post off-page content on industry forums, blogs and other publications. There might be an expectation to do some reciprocal sharing of course. Either way, partnering with others and to from other pages is a powerful way to improve your rankings. 

Optimise Photos, Headers and URLs

With so much focus on content, it’s easy to forget that you also need to optimise your images, headers, meta descriptions and URLs. In fact, anything that a search engine can read should be optimised. If in doubt about how to do that, an SEO agency can help you get this right so it doesn’t all just repeat itself. 

Focus on Social Media

Regardless of how you view social media, it’s part of our lives. Furthermore, it plays a critical role in SEO strategy. The more active you are on your social media page, the more likely you’ll get followers who then link back to your website. 

Social media takes time because ideally, you want to be posting daily updates with images and videos. This is almost a full-time job which is why people often decide to work with an SEO agency. 

Google Analytics 

Even the most basic website has a Google Analytics option. You can choose either the free or the paid option. Either way, you need data to properly assess your website in order to decide the appropriate actions to take.

Final Thoughts on Implementing SEO Practices with an SEO Agency 

As you launch your website, you need to consider your SEO strategy. You can easily start on your own by implementing keywords for your content, headers and image titles. Then, reach out to reputable publications to get some off-page content out. 

At this stage, you’ll be in a good position to work with an SEO agency that can take your site further. They’ll professionalise it and apply the latest tools and techniques for you to get ahead of your competitors and then watch your sales grow


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