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Dame Anne Mclaren

Dame Anne Laura Dorinthea McLaren was a British scientist and researcher. She made significant contributions to developmental biology, which ultimately led to the development of human in vitro fertilisation. McLaren received several honors for her research and contributions to science, and was elected a fellow of the Royal Society. Here are some facts about this pioneering scientist. To find out more about Dame Anne, please visit the website below.

Dame Anne Laura Dorinthea McLaren

Dame Anne Laura Dorinthea McLabren was a British scientist who was a pioneer in developmental biology. Her groundbreaking research contributed to the development of human in vitro fertilisation. For her work in this area, she received numerous honors, including being elected a fellow of the Royal Society. Here are some of her most notable achievements:

Dame Anne McLaren was born in 1927 in London and died on July 7, 2007, near London. She was an early pioneer in mammalian genetics, embryology, and reproductive biology, and is widely regarded as a founding figure of modern genetics and embryology. Her breakthroughs helped revolutionise the field of reproductive biology, and she was instrumental in the development of in vitro fertilisation and other fertility treatments.

Research interests

Anne Mclaren was a scientist who explored the basic science behind infertility treatment and helped pioneer the use of human-assisted reproduction techniques. McLaren’s career involved the study of reproductive biology and the ethics surrounding its use. She helped set the tone for debates on infertility research in the United Kingdom.

McLaughlin did not operate in the ivory tower, and she was keen to educate the public about the scientific research she carried out. As such, she was a prominent contributor to the development of the legal framework governing human embryo research.



Dame Anne Laura Dorinthea McLaren is a British scientist who played a major role in developmental biology. Her work on the fetus’ development led to the development of human in vitro fertilisation. Anne has received numerous awards and honors for her work and contributions to science.

There, she met Edmund Brisco Ford, who encouraged her to pursue a career in English literature. She married Donald Michie in 1952.


In her memoir, “Anne McLaren: The Undiscovered Country,” McLaren recounts her journeys through India, Africa, and Latin America. As a single mother, she supported her family by traveling to developing countries on frequent basis and advocating for child-friendly lab spaces. A woman of many talents, McLaren had a wide range of interests and was a tireless advocate for the advancement of science.


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