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8 New TikTok Live Stream Features That Marketers Need To Know

Do you want to move your business forward with TikTok marketing? If yes, going live is the best option. Currently, live streaming is becoming an integral part of online communication, where it offers a new way to connect and engage users worldwide. In this trend, TikTok is the rock star. Going live and watching live streams has doubled on this platform. Whereas taking advantage of the live streaming option on TikTok will tune-up your marketing efforts and help you to reap more benefits. But, to go live on TikTok, you should have at least 1000 followers on your TikTok profile. For instance, if you have less number of followers, to unlock the live option on TikTok, search for how to buy followers on tiktok? Therefore, you will learn the ways to purchase authentic followers from a reliable service provider and instantly grow your audience organically. Here let us dive into this article to know more about the new intriguing live streaming features on TikTok. 

Why Do You Need To Utilize New Livestream Features?

Nowadays, everything is updated and highly impacts people’s minds to prioritize them. The same applies to the TikTok platform. It is a trending platform that continuously rolls out the new features and lets users create and share exciting content on the platform. Eight new features have been included in the live streaming option on TikTok. It is a valuable live streaming feature that helps individuals or businesses to interact with the users highly. Hence, while going live, utilizing the features best helps to thrive your brand awareness and tremendously grow your business.

TikTok New Livestream Features 

TikTok has revealed eight new Livestream features to interact with the users. It includes Q&A, scheduling in advance, picture-in-picture, and more. Users are more curious to watch live content that influences the businesses to utilize the new features for streamers. Thereby, users create, discover, and watch live videos enthusiastically. Here let’s get an outlook on the latest live streaming features on TikTok. 

#1 Live Q&A

Q&A is one of the exciting features that works well when going live on TikTok. It is designed to help creators to answer questions from their followers. If you are a creator, you can utilize this feature to better pamper and influence users on the platform. More likely, you can engage and reply to viewers’ questions while going live in real-time. To increase engagement, you can start utilizing TikViral and trigger the user’s interest in watching your video. 

#2 Schedule In Advance

Do you want to schedule your upcoming event on TikTok? If yes, now, with the schedule in advance feature, you can manage, promote and schedule live streams in advance. Organizing your live events priorly on the platform is called ‘TikTok Events.’ It’s a new way for creators to interact with their viewers and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

#3 Live Together

It is a new feature that you can go live with a friend. Moreover, the ‘Live Together‘ feature enables two users to go live on the same stream. As a result, more users are engagingly utilizing this feature to go live with a friend. 

#4 Picture-In-Picture

Now, TikTok live streams are viewed picture-in-picture on both Android and iOS devices. It enables users to use their devices easily, and the Livestream stays pinned in the bottom corner of the screen. 

#5 Keyword Filters

When creators go live, they can now mute any word in the comment section using the keyword filters. In the LIVE launch screen, go to the settings tab and turn off comments or include up to 200 words into the keyword filter to limit comments in the chat

You can add the words in the list by going to the settings and clicking over the moderators.

#6 Harmful Comment Alerts

Before posting a comment, the TikTok platform detects the word and induces users to re-evaluate how the streamer will receive their words. So you can be on the securer side and build customers’ trust.

#7 Assign Moderators

Go at the forefront of live streaming, and creators can specify the person they trust. Then, users clicking Settings on the right side of the Livestream can go live. While going live, both the host and person can block and mute users to make their live streaming always welcoming. 

#8 Top Streams 

TikTok is the most refined platform that helps users quickly discover and tune their live streaming from the For You and Following pages. Users can easily find the live streaming by looking over the category pages, including Chat (Q&A), Talents, Daily Life, Fashion, and Gaming. Best find the top streams and get strong inspiration to go live intriguingly on the platform

Wrapping It Up

Live Streaming is continuously evolving, and with time it is getting more user traction on TikTok. In a single point, it offers an interactive experience to users. You can engage viewers in real-time and can record your live videos to use later. If you plan to integrate live streaming into your marketing strategy, it is wise to use TikViral to increase engagement. Hopefully, utilizing TikTok live streaming is an excellent opportunity to present your brand in front of the audience and build personal connections with them. In this way, you can stay apart from the competition. 


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