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Mabank Skyward Goes Back Online

mabank skyward

Mabank, Texas’s Skyward system went back online Friday, allowing students to register and apply for free online school meals, as well as submit paper applications for the same. The district’s Skyward system has 107 connections and is managed by the PEIMS Coordinator, a specialist and administrator in the district’s PEIMS program. The district is also in the process of hiring a graphic designer to create the district’s new logo.

TEA links

If you’re wondering how to pay school fees through Skyward, there are many ways to do so. Mabank, Texas, is one of the 107 school districts that uses Skyward. The district has 107 connections, and it is a convenient and secure way to pay school fees. The Mabank Independent School District also uses TEA links. Here are some tips to make your payment process go as smoothly as possible.

Personal information in Skyward

If you’re a parent of a child in a Mabank ISD school, you may have been wondering how to change the personal information on your account. You can use Skyward Family Access to update your information. All you need is an email address and a password. After you login, you can view information about your child’s campus, and even apply for school meals online. Fortunately, this system went back online on Friday.


Once you’ve installed ClassLink at Mabank Skyward, you’ll be able to easily access all of your school’s files and apps. Just login with your network credentials and then follow the instructions on the screen to change your avatar and theme color. You can also select different social media icons to connect to the system, such as Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve signed in with ClassLink, you’ll have access to the website’s features, including the ability to share documents and files with others.

Ransomware attack in Athens ISD

The ransomware attack in Athens ISD has delayed the start of school by one week. The school district paid a $50,000 ransom to the attackers after they encrypted data on hundreds of computers and district servers. The district has since confirmed it has cyberattack insurance coverage. The school district’s cyber response team has also contacted insurance providers to ensure it has adequate coverage for ransomware attacks.

This attack is just one of several recent cyber-attacks on school systems nationwide. Many school districts have had similar incidents in recent months. Cyber criminals are claiming to have stolen data from Epik, a controversial web hosting company. The data leaked by the organization included “private documents” and “data related to the Republican Party of Texas.” The hackers reportedly broke into the GOP website just after the state passed an anti-abortion ban. Schools seem to be a common target for hackers, and the latest ransomware attack in Athens ISD is yet another case in point.


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