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Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

The American fast casual chain Zaxby’s is known for its signature dishes of chicken wings and chicken fingers. The chain also offers sandwiches and salads. The company operates over 900 restaurants, with most of them franchised. The company owns 123 Zaxby’s. If you’re interested in visiting one of these restaurants, read the following article to find out what the best dishes at Zaxby’s are.


A trip to Zaxby’s may bring you near to the Southern fried chicken chain’s famous chicken fingers and buffalo wings. Despite its popularity, it is important to watch the prices, which can easily turn out to be an overpriced meal. Here are some smart choices and red flags to look for on the menu. Zaxby’s is known for its greasy, but delicious chicken fingers and buffalo wings, which are perfect for sharing with friends.

If you’re allergic to peanuts or dairy, you might want to skip the fried onion. The fried onion is available without milk but may still contain dairy products, such as cheese. Other fried items, like the BLT sandwich, may contain milk. You can order a customized BLT sandwich instead. However, it’s important to know that some dressings on the menu contain milk.


If you’re craving for some crispy chicken and wing goodness, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only does Zaxby’s offer delicious, affordable chicken, but you can also find a variety of other items on their menu. Prices for chicken fingers & buffalo wings, as well as their other dishes, are updated regularly, so you can expect to see some changes. Listed below are some of the most popular items.

The prices listed below are current as of July 2020, and are based on locations in Utah. Prices for Zaxby’s chicken fingers & buffalo wings may vary by state, so check with your local restaurant to verify prices before you visit. Prices may vary depending on location, but you can still find some good prices. If you’re in the mood for a fried chicken treat, don’t worry, Zaxby’s has a variety of delicious options.

If you’re craving a hearty meal, you can try Zaxby’s chicken salad. Served with marinated chicken breast, this dish is $6.99. The traditional Zampler Platter is another popular item for catering purposes. If you’re serving a large group, these platters are the best bet. They offer generous portions for reasonable prices. And if you’re ordering for a big crowd, consider ordering the Chicken Fingerz(tm) Platter and the Buffalo Wings & Buffalo Wings Platter.

The prices for Zaxby’s chicken fingers / buffalo wings are comparable to those at KFC and Chick-fil-A, but they are a bit more expensive than those of KFC and Popeyes. However, these are still good choices for casual dining. Zaxby’s has a wide selection of items, including sandwiches, salads, and kid’s meal deals. In addition to its chicken fingers & buffalo wings, Zaxby’s also offers catering options.


If you’re looking for a restaurant that delivers delicious food, you’ve probably wondered if Zaxby’s chicken fingers & Buffalo Wings delivery is available in Orlando. Well, you’re in luck! Zaxby’s chicken fingers & Buffalo Wings delivery is now available through Uber Eats, a mobile food ordering app that can deliver food right to your doorstep. You can find the closest location near you and place your order through the app or the website. Once you’ve placed your order, you can track it on the Uber Eats website or app.


A cult favorite chicken chain has opened its first Kansas City location in April. Plans call for a second in Lawrence in mid-February, as well as a third in Leavenworth and Lansing. Organized Chickenz plans to open two in Kansas City and one in Lawrence. The franchisee has a license agreement with the Kansas City franchisee and is working on opening two more locations in the area.

The Carrollton location is located at 1109 S. Park St, and has a location near the Old Richmond Road. The menu features a variety of wings, chicken tenders, and salads, and is complemented with good biscuits and lemonade. Zaxby’s also offers a great selection of beverages. Guests can also try the Zaxby’s chicken fingers & buffalo wings at the nearby Lindenwood Christian Church.

If you live in Cibolo, Texas, you’ll find the nearest Zaxby’s location in Cibolo. Although it’s located just outside of San Antonio, Cibolo is a separate city that has a Zaxby’s. Founded in Statesboro, Georgia, Zaxby’s has more than 900 locations worldwide. For more information about their chicken fingers and buffalo wings, visit their website.


You can save money on your next meal at Zaxby’s by finding coupons. You can find coupons online or through the company’s mobile app. These coupons can be used both online and in-store. To find the best deals, sign up for the Zaxby’s Mail Club. Signing up is free, and once you do, you’ll receive special offers and coupons for Zaxby’s. Coupons can be used once per person, and they cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Some special offers may not be available in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

In addition to the Zaxby’s coupons, you may find special deals at Zaxby’s on happy hour. These deals include Nibblers for 99C, kids meals for $1.99, and discounts on wings. With these deals, you can grab a delicious meal while on a budget. Zaxby’s is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings for a cheap, fast meal.

You can sign up for Zaxby’s Mail Club for free sandwiches on your birthday. You can also get a free Kidz Meal if you sign up for the mailing list. This freebie is good for children under six. Zaxby’s has a wide range of items for all tastes, including chicken fingers and buffalo wings. You can find the right meal for your family by visiting Zaxby’s website.

To get even more discounts, make sure to check out the restaurant’s app. There are plenty of specials to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day! On July 29, you can enjoy six wings for free if you sign up for the Blazin’ Rewards program. There are other great deals, too. On July 29, you can get five free boneless wings with any purchase by entering a code online.


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