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Samsung Galaxy S23 with the long-anticipated processor upgrade?

In spring 2023, Samsung will release the Galaxy S23, the next model in its flagship line. The smartphone will likely come in three varieties once more, and first information regarding their designs and functionality is already available.

If Samsung follows its regular timetable, the Galaxy S23 will likely be unveiled in February once more. Three models were usually available in the past, and this is probably still true for the upcoming generation. Therefore, we anticipate the release of the Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra in the spring of 2023. In this study, we provide a synopsis of all recent developments about the leading smartphones.

Everything in design is the same

Samsung is unlikely to make significant design changes to its forthcoming top smartphones. The existing models’ camera bezels, which give smartphones their appearance, are most likely to remain. However, as is typical for new models, various colors are possible.

Users will likely be dissatisfied with the display space on the front as well. Many people desire a screen without a notch, maybe through the use of an under-screen camera. For the previous generation, this was previously conjectured. After all, Samsung already sells one, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses it. Naver, a well-known South Korean site, claims that the quality has been so bad so far that its usage in Samsung’s Galaxy S23 is impossible. Instead, it’s likely that the maker will use a traditional notch once more. The Galaxy S23 models likely have this paired with a virtually bezel-less AMOLED screen as their signature design element.

The sizes of the various versions are still unknown. The diagonal for the current generation is 6.1 inches (S22), 6.6 inches (S22+), and 6.8 inches (S22 Ultra). It’s likely that Samsung will stick with similar measurements for the Galaxy S23, or at the very least make very minor adjustments.

Evidently, Samsung solely uses Snapdragon chips

The Galaxy S smartphones have always come in two different models. The devices shipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor in the US. Many consumers were unhappy with Samsung’s adoption of its own Exynos processor in Europe because of the device’s subpar performance.

With the Galaxy S23, Samsung appears to go a new route. At least, that is what the most recent claims from Ming-Chi Kuo and Ice University’s leaker claim. The Samsung Galaxy S23 will only be offered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon, they claim. More specifically, all three versions will make use of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. In December 2022, the chip is anticipated to be presented. The unique aspect of this product is that it is produced using a 4 nm technology, making it incredibly powerful and small. The new processor is anticipated to perform noticeably better than Samsung’s Exynos 2300.

Samsung may have a storage breakthrough in addition to switching to the Snapdragon chip as the only CPU. We’re referring to Samsung’s UFS 4.0 (Universal Flash Storage), which was unveiled in May 2022. The maximum potential storage speed doubles with the new storage type. Samsung claims that the UFS 4.0 modules have a maximum storage capacity of 1 TB, a maximum write speed of 2900 MB/s, and a maximum read speed of 4200 MB/s.


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