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Meebhoomi Ap – Know How to Check Your Land Records Online

Seeing how the world is getting digitized day by day, the state government of Andhra Pradesh has established an online portal or website to make the land records available online so that the general public of the state can view their land records online easily.

This Mee bhoomi Andhra Pradesh is such an innovative move by the Andhra Pradesh government as it allows the public to access their land-related information online.

In this piece of information, you will come across terms like Meebhoomi 1b, and at the end of the article, you will have the right kind of information related to such terms.

What is Ap Meebhoomi?

As you may have read in the introduction, ap meebhoomi is an online land records registry portal that was started by the Andhra Pradesh government in the year June 2015. This initiative of introducing the Meebhoomi Ap portal was taken to view land records online.

The government of Andhra Pradesh collaborated with the department of revenue to launch the Meebhoomi Ap portal, and their aim was to provide information on plots. 

This portal works entirely online, making it even more accessible to the state’s public. It can give information like land records, village maps, and so on. Currently, on this Meebhoomi Ap portal, you can get Andhra Pradesh land records, water source, tenancy, type of soil, assessment of the area, liabilities, etc. Also, through this Meebhoomi Ap portal, you can access Meebhoomi 1b and Meebhoomi adangal land record documents.

What is the use of Meebhoomi adangal?

Meebhoomi adangal is a crucial document maintained by the administrators of the village, which includes information on the land area, type of land, liabilities, and others. Meebhooi adangal is also known as the “Village Count Number 3”. This document is used for the sale and purchase of land because it mentions all the land-related information. You can type meebhooi ap adangal search on google to obtain detailed information about this document.

Know more about adangal.

You should also understand what does Meebhoomi 1b record mean.

This document (meebhoom 1b) is simply the record of rights maintained by the state’s department of revenue and can be used in getting bank loans, court proceedings, and, most importantly, to verify the information of the seller.

Document Meebhoomi 1b is the Tahsildar record of the land or property.

Services provided by the Meebhoomi Ap portal are listed below-

  • This portal provides an electronic (online) passbook to the residents of Andhra Pradesh
  • 1-b AP land records
  • Information on crop types in land meebhooi adangal survey
  • Patta names and pattadar passbook statistics
  • List of the village landlords
  • AP field measurement book (FMB)
  • Meebhoomi issue report and Mee Seva
  • Allows the linkage of land records with the Aadhaar card

Some of the essential features of Meebhoomi Ap are listed below-

  • All the features of the meebhoomi ap portal can be used in the mobile application or on a computer/laptop
  • Provides details on Ap land records online
  • This portal can be accessed by anyone and from any location in Andhra Pradesh
  • It supports the process of obtaining land documents with transparency
  • It has the facility to lodge your complaint regarding any issue
  • It provides SMS service so that you can track the status of any process
  • Provides KYC information of property owners
  • It also shows the tenancy details
  • Provides thorough information about crops, source of water, and the type of soil
  • Portal gives the details of land conversions as well

Benefits of using Meebhoomi AP-

  1. The Meebhoomi Ap portal by the government of Andhra Pradesh has made easy access to the land-related details and documents like meebhoomi ap 1b
  2. One platform for the different types of land-related questions
  3. It has an SMS notification service for updates regarding land records and documents.
  4. This portal is open 24 hours for the public of Andhra Pradesh.
  5. On this website, people can have easy access to the field management book (FMB), village maps, etc.
  6. All the documents are well-organized on this portal.
  7.  Navigation feature that has major service options available on the homepage

How to check Andhra Pradesh land records online? Here are the steps to know your land records online-

  1. Visit the portal Ap meebhoomi by the Andhra Pradesh government,
  2. Once you are on the homepage of the official website, select the “adangal” option from the menu bar.
  3. Now, choose between the options ‘your adangal’ and ‘village adangal’
  4. To know your land records or the details, select the option “your adangal”
  5. After selecting the option “your adangal,” fill in the information such as; District name, Zone name, Village name, Survey number, and captcha code.
  6. Once you are done filling in the details mentioned above, press the button “click.”
  7. After pressing the button “click,” press the button “generate,” and the adangal will appear where you can check your land records.

These are the steps you need to follow if you want to check your land records online.

The bottom line

The digitization of everything, such as essential documents of any kind, is taking place rapidly in this digital era. As a result, the government of Andhra Pradesh launched a portal or a website called Meebhoomi Ap, where the public of the state can access the details of their land or the village’s land online. Meebhoomi Ap portal provides all the land-related details in digital format. Conclusively, this work of opening a portal where people can check their land records online is commendable.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1) Is this Meebhoomi ap website available for everyone?

The Meebhoomi ap portal is launched by the state government of Andhra Pradesh for the Andhra people only. So, anyone, who lives in Andhra Pradesh, can use this portal to obtain land-related details online.

2) Is adangal a vital document?

Yes, adangal is the most important document to check your land-related information online because it is maintained by the administrators of the village and has the details such as type of land, water source, liabilities, and so on.


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