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Planning for Retirement? Know the Best Medical Insurance Cover for You.

Retirement is one of the crucial stages of your life; after decades of dedicated service, you finally have to retire one day. Having worked hard and handled complex responsibilities for years, this is the time when you look forward to enjoying your full family time. This is when you can pursue any work of your interest, be it a hobby, social activity, any part-time job for your financial need, etc., to utilize your free time in the best possible manner. As your age increases, your body can become weak and develop an illness that may require regular medical attention. Planning your retirement in advance by opening Medical Insurance for yourself and your family is necessary. Considering these factors, you must have the best medical insurance cover with you.

Let’s discuss some essential steps in which retirement planning can be done:

  1. Invest more when there is an increase in income: Start investing early from your young age. Selecting an appropriate investment plan that yields dividends as and when required is essential. As your career graph progresses, there comes a stage when the volume of investment should increase. You should always invest more when there is any increase in your income.
  2. Begin Early: Living cost in India is constantly increasing due to inflation, making you feel the pinch with each passing day. Therefore, investing in your future as soon as you start earning is always good. It is invariably a good habit to start saving and take some risks to invest some funds in good investment plans, which gives the benefits of compounding, thus increasing your wealth for future needs.
  3. Allocate a fixed percentage of your income towards your retirement fund: You should invest a fixed percentage of your income towards retirement funds by opening a for your retirement and medical emergency. You must also be careful not to use any part of these funds (i.e., the principal amount) before retirement.
  4. Check the inflation rate before taking a retirement plan: Planning to invest and create wealth upon that investment is essential. However, the inflation rate affects your overall financial planning. The inflation rate can even make your investments drop; therefore, while choosing any plan, you must make sure that you have considered the futuristic price-rise projections.
  5. Invest in Best Medical Insurance: You may not be in the prime of your health in your sunset years; therefore, start early to build up the financial safeguard in times of emergency. It ensures that your savings and the returns from your investments do not suffer due to medical contingencies.

We will now discuss the benefits of the Best health insurance plans in India:

  1. Financial Dependability.
  2. Excellent Treatment.
  3. Insurance Coverage – includes (Indemnity Plans and Lump-sum Benefit Policies).
  4. Various Insurance Plans to choose from.
  5. It covers your critical illness.
  6. It has a unique Senior citizen health insurance plan.
  7. You can avail Top-up facility.

Key Points to remember when Comparing Health Insurance plans in India:

  1. Sum insured Amount.
  2. Policy premium payment to gain the coverage benefits.
  3. An overview of the network hospitals and the claim settlement ratios.
  4. Ensure 100% of the bill amount is covered; offer Free health checkups.
  5. Claims settlement in 30 minutes, Co-payment clause.

Now let’s discuss the features of medical insurance plans that might be best for you in retirement.

  1. Medical Bills: It covers medicinal expenses incurred, including pre and post-hospitalization.
  2. Pre-existing Diseases: Covers any pre-existing disease that has been waiting for a certain number of years.
  3. Claim Reimbursement: It covers any pre-existing disease you are waiting to get treated.
  4. Tax Rebate: Under section 80D of the ITA, 1961, annual premiums paid for health insurance are tax-exempt.
  5. Tax Benefits: You can avail of Tax gain subject to changes in tax laws. It provides Cashless Treatment and covers Ambulance Expenses.
  6. Other Benefits: Newly introduced innovative features like OPD expenses are now covered under a few Insurer’s plans and don’t require hospitalization for a minimum of 24 hours for claim reimbursement. Individual OPD plans are also available in the market.

Let’s know to understand the Best Health Insurance policy Cover for You:

A large number of health insurance companies offer a variety of health insurance plans to choose from, making the task of finding the best plan difficult for many individuals. While choosing the best health insurance policy, you must look into the various factors, including health insurance riders, benefits, coverage, network hospitals, online discounts, instant claim support, with lowest price guaranteed, where no medical required, etc.

Buying the best health insurance policy is essential, as it helps you keep up with the increasing healthcare costs and assures you and your family of a healthy future without worrying about medical bills and hospitalization expenses. And, when buying health insurance plans, you might get confused about which plan to buy out of many. Buy health insurance online as it comes with extra features and coverage for you – Field on Service, One-click easy refund, No Cost EMI, and a Claim guarantee certificate.

You can choose the appropriate policy that provides the best health insurance plan to meet your requirements. Compare the policy plan with other health insurance companies before final selection that should cover medical expenses, including pre and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care expenses, coronavirus treatment, critical illness hospitalization, etc., depending on your preferences.

If you are looking for a service provider that offers the best Health Insurance in India, NAVI (NBFC) is undoubtedly the right company for you.


Due to awareness of financial literacy, Indians are becoming serious about their financial health needs. You can easily buy online health insurance from anywhere as it is exciting applicants with many added benefits and offers such as – flexibility to add new family members, a lifetime renewability plan, Room rent limit, up to 15% online discount, and Tax benefits up to Rs. 75,000/-, etc. It should give a proper return for your sum insured so that you have a stress-free life to enjoy every moment, celebration, and occasion in your life without depending on your family and friends.


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