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Aunt Cass in Big Hero 6

If you love Disney, then you probably know the character Aunt-Cass. Despite her obvious care for her nephews, she is oblivious to Hiro and Tadashi, has a stress-eating problem, and has a boyfriend. This article will discuss her character and her relationship with Tadashi and Hiro.

Cass is a caring woman

Cass is a loving woman who is very devoted to her nephews. She is a caring aunt, but also knows when to be strict. She comforts Hiro when he is sad about Tadashi’s death and is always proud of her nephews. Cass is a middle-aged woman with brown hair and green eyes. She wears a black V-neck blouse and umber flats every day.

When Hiro was a toddler, Cass became his guardian. e worked at the Lucky Cat Cafe and had a cat named Mochi. She was worried about being a bad parent but was willing to do her best. She is a very caring person, but struggles with her addiction to food.

Cass was involved in several organizations and was a strong advocate for equality for all people. She participated in street protests against employment discrimination in Boston and in the National Equal Rights Association. She also co-founded the local chapter of A. Philip Randolph’s Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and was the only woman to be a charter member of the anti-poverty community organization Action for Boston Community Development.

She is oblivious to Hiro and Tadashi

Aunt Cass is Hiro and Tadashi’s guardian. She was granted custody of Hiro and Tadashi after their family died, and cares for them as if they were her own. She even bails them out of jail after they bot fight. However, she regrets not reading any parenting books before taking on the responsibility of raising children.

Cass is a kind and sympathetic character, though her greatest passions are her nephews. Cass can also be harsh and strong. However, her love for her nephews is evident as she sometimes gets upset about their misbehavior. Although she gives them a warm hug after they are released from prison, she also gives them a stern lecture regarding their behavior.

The following year, Cass plans a party for her nephews’ graduation. Unfortunately, the fire kills Tadashi, which devastated Cass. Although she tries to get Hiro out of the house, her actions are futile. Aunt Cass is blissfully unaware of Hiro and Tadashi’s plans to attend SFIT.

She has a stress eating problem

In the Disney animated movie, “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” Aunt Cass has a cooking and stress eating problem. She also has a tattoo on her left arm that can be seen in early concept art, though it was not present in the final film. In the movie, Cass has admitted that she hasn’t always been the best role model, but she is an adoring aunt to her nephews.

In the movie, Aunt Cass first takes care of Hiro and Tadashi when Hiro was a toddler, and eventually takes on a more maternal role in the movie. The movie shows that Cass constantly worries about the boys, and she mentions that she has a stress eating problem. Cass also appears to be bigger than most female characters, with wide hips and large eyes. She also resembles Rapunzel, the fairy princess from the Disney movie Tangled.

While Cass has only a small role in the film, she is an important part of the plot. She encourages Tadashi to go to college, and she supports Hiro’s decisions. Cass is a proud aunt to her nephews, and she tries her best to be the best aunt she can be to them.

She has a boyfriend

If you have seen Big Hero 6, you probably know that Aunt Cass has a boyfriend. She is a supportive aunt who runs the Lucky Cat Cafe. She is related to Hiro Hamada’s parents and has been friends with Diego Cruz, a boy who moved out of San Fransokyo when he was younger. Cass played softball in college and became very athletic.

She’s an incredibly loving woman who loves her nephews more than anything else. However, she is firm when necessary. After they get out of prison, she hugs them and lectures them about how much she worries about them. Despite her strict nature, she is usually in a good mood. Cass’ hard work and motherly nature have rubbed off on her nephews. Hiro, for one, has been able to talk to her about his depression after his brother died.

Cass is a Caucasian woman with green eyes and wavy brown hair. She often wears a t-shirt with a tie in it and a red flat. She also wears a silver-turquoise necklace and red flats.


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