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5 Best VPNs for Streaming Movies (in Any Country) in 2022

We all love spending weekends while watching movies. However, it is essential to be secure and safe when online while watching movies, which is why VPNs are super important. However, some VPNs are really slow, which causes frustration in buffering and lag times. 

To eliminate the stress factor, opting for a VPN great for streaming is better. There are over 100 VPNs, and here we’ve shortlisted some of the great ones that provide HD definition and bypass geo-blocks so we can continue our binge-watching.


ExpressVPN is known to have the fastest speeds of all the options available. It has its servers in around 94 countries across the world. This indicates that you can stream your favorite movie platforms no matter where you live. As per research, its servers were tested in Japan, France, and the US, resulting in reliable and quick connections. Through ExpressVPN, you can access movies in a matter of seconds.

Its MediaStreamer feature enables you to stream movies on your TV, which usually doesn’t work with the rest of the VPNs. You must copy the code from your ExpressVPN account and enter it into your TV’s network settings. This particular VPN comes with several coupons and amazing discounts, which makes it more affordable.


Another VPN option with an extensive network in around 91 countries so you can access geoblocks and will be able to watch movies from any part of the world. CyberGhost doesn’t only come with a colossal server network, but most of them are known to be streaming-optimised.

It has the most accessible interface of all the providers available. Along with this, CyberGhost comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is found to be typically 30 days in another option. This trial period gives you more time for testing without any risk. Its live-chat option is available 24/7 to guide you throughout the refund process.


IPVanish offers a vast network of servers across 75 countries, making it relatively easy to avoid geo-restrictions when accessing your all-time favourite platforms. It offers unlimited device connections in one subscription program, which enables you to connect your PC, laptop, tablet, phone, and Smart TV. Several links might lead you to think the performance will drop significantly, but it doesn’t.

This indicates that now you can utilise your favourite gadgets and watch movies whenever you want. However, PayPal may not be an option in some countries, which is a drawback. But this is sorted as IPVanish offers several payment options like credit/debit cards, Google Pay, cryptocurrencies, etc.; you can also opt for a yearly plan for around $2.50/month.


PrivateVPN is a remote VPN; it is still an incredible option for streaming movies and provides excellent connection speeds. Despite being smaller than other VPNs, you can still watch movies wherever you are.

It is straightforward to use and comes with a one-click setup and efficient interface design. 

Within a few seconds, you can locate the server you need and connect to your favourite movies without any issues. In case you get stuck, it provides a remote help service via TeamViewer, where you give temporary control of the device to the tech team, and then you’ll never face any technical issues.


ProtonVPN comes with a massive network of 1745 servers across 64+| countries. You can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu via its Plus servers in the UK and the USA. Its connections are really fast and stable. It is known to be one of the reliable servers, where you won’t face problems when watching movies.

However, the free plan in this one may cause you to struggle to avoid a streaming platform that geoblocks, which is why you’ll have to opt for a subscription to watch buffer-free movies. You will have to opt for a paid subscription so that you can access the iPlus servers that unblock streaming platforms for $4.99/month. Moreover, you also opt for its 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the services.

With increasing cyber-attacks, VPN is a necessity today. Every time you are online and use a VPN, you’ll be satisfied that your device is safe from malware and hackers. There is no need to turn off this additional layer of security while watching movies. Always opt for VPNs that offer high performance, keep you safe, and maintain a good quality movie stream without affecting the download speeds. A little burden on your pocket by investing in a good VPN will save you from significant cyber chaos.


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