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Superica in Charlotte, Georgia, and Atlanta, Texas

You can find Superica in many cities across the Southeast, from Atlanta to Charlotte. Currently, it has eight locations, with two in Georgia, two in Charlotte and one in Houston, Texas. With chef Ford Fry at the helm, the brand is only getting bigger. In a recent interview, he told us about the importance of the mission statement and how he plans to continue expanding his concept.

Tex-Mex standards

Superica serves Tex-Mex standards with a hip, Tex-Mex atmosphere. The owner, Ford Fry, is a native Texan and the restaurant has a relaxed, rustic ambiance that reflects his heritage. You’ll also find authentic crafts and curios throughout the restaurant, which evokes the Old West.

Superica uses a wood-fired grill and uses a blend of mesquite and oak to smoke meat. Its grilled quail, for example, costs $17 and comes on the bone. You’ll also find pork tamales, which are rubbery and drenched in chili con carne. A tampiquena, or large plate of a stew, with marinated skirt steak and a sunny-side-up fried egg, rounds out the meal.

Superica’s chefs make a Tex-Mex version of the classic combo platter. The combination platter is considered the benchmark for good Tex-Mex restaurants. It features a variety of dishes that you can order as a side, and you can even combine them for a more elaborate meal.

Superica was inspired by the cantinas of West Texas and Austin and is a nod to legendary Houston restaurateur Felix Tijerina. While Superica focuses on serving Tex-Mex classics, the menu also features a Bob Armstrong Dip, a sauce based on a recipe from Matt’s El Rancho in Austin. It also offers fajitas, enchiladas, San Antonio puff tacos, and more.

Hipster Spanglish

The food at Superica is homestyle, cooked on the wood-fired grill with minimal chef intervention. Executive chef Kevin Maxey hails from a small town outside Dallas and helped to create the concept of the food and drink at this hipster-spanglish restaurant. Superica’s portions are generous and filling.

Airstream-style bar

The new Airstream-style bar for Superica will feature Texas-style food and decor. It will be reminiscent of hill country cafes and old Texas dance halls. The designer will carefully select the artwork to create an atmosphere of familiarity and comfortable ambiance. The SouthPark location will be similar to its sister restaurant in the South End. It will feature an outdoor patio and seasonal Airstream-style satellite bar.

Superica’s second location will open in 2020. It will feature an outdoor patio with an Airstream-style bar and vintage arcade games. The interiors will feature artwork from 1970’s West Texas and a Texan feel. Guests will also find longhorn mounts, concrete brick, and vintage neon signs.


Superica is a Tex-Mex restaurant. While the menu offers an authentic taste of Texas, it also features modern, elevated dishes. Many of the dishes feature wood grilling to accentuate the Tex-Mex heritage. The restaurant has been open for three years, and it is open to the public for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

The Charlotte location opened in 2018 and will expand to Strawberry Hill in 2020. The Tex-Mex cuisine is painstakingly delicious and crafted to perfection. The menu reflects the Houston upbringing, but features dishes that are modernized for the Charlotte market. Menu items include wood-fired steaks, crispy whole snapper, shrimp tacos, and signature margaritas. Guests can also play arcade games, enjoy a large outdoor patio, or enjoy a drink on the seasonal Airstream-style satellite bar.

The menu at Superica is meant to be colorful and vibrant, reflecting the flavor of the cuisine. The menu offers a variety of wood-fired grilled food and everything is cooked al carbon. The restaurant will also offer free tacos to locals. Superica is the company’s second location in the Charlotte area and the 10th nationwide.

Superica is a new fast-casual restaurant from Atlanta-based chef Ford Fry. It’s located at 605 Overton St., next to Patagonia and Barista Parlor in the Gulch. The restaurant plans to open on Aug. 5. During the past few weeks, the restaurant has been hosting events for its staff.


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