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App Development for Salons: How to Increase Your Sales

Do reels on Instagram spring to mind when you think of beauty businesses embracing technology? Or are you thinking about more cutting-edge ideas like mobile apps?

Well, believe it or not, a surprising number of salons have begun to develop business apps to help manage their bookings and promote their business.

Is app development for salons the next savvy step for your business? Read on to find out. 

It Helps Customers Update their Details

An app allows you to have an online customer account area when running a salon. In this space, a new customer can sign up, or an old customer can update their details.

That is an excellent feature for your business for two reasons. First, it allows you to market to that customer directly now that you have their contact details. Secondly, allowing customers to manage their details offers them convenience.

When booking appointments, they don’t have to spend time on the phone handing over information such as a change of telephone number or home address.

They can log onto the app conveniently and update their data quickly and efficiently. 

For a more personalised experience, you could also add a chat facility.  

Customers Can Make Bookings Online

An online booking system is beneficial to you and your customer. It frees your in-house salon team from reception work and answering the phone. And it makes booking a breeze for your customer.

They can view all your services, prices and staff on one page and choose the one they want, at the correct date and time, without any unnecessary hassle. 

Moreover, an app gives your customer the chance to update their booking. With such an easy way to change dates, times and services, your salon business will experience fewer last-minute cancellations or no-shows.  

It’s a Chance to Showcase Your Services 

You’ve probably got a beautifully printed brochure of your services and prices in your salon environment.

But many customers won’t read these. Having your service information on an app allows customers to find out what services you offer in their own time.

Perhaps they’ll see a treatment they haven’t heard of before but one that tempts them to click that book button. It’s a great way of improving your revenue from your existing client base. 

You Can Sell Special Offers

Developing an app will allow you to market your business with offers and promotions. For example, imagine you will run a 10% discount on all customers for one week in November.

You can run that promotion on your app and use the notification feature to let customers know. You’ll get more bookings and higher sales from that single promotion. 

App Development for Salons: It’s Happening Now

Don’t get behind this technology trend that’s happening right now.

The most ambitious beauty businesses have begun seeing the benefits of a successful app. And app development for salons is easier than it sounds. Could it be the perfect next step for you?

You can find the answer to that question by requesting a free call with one of app experts. 


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