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Laser Marker Cost

The initial cost of a laser marker can be as low as $0.02 per mark. This is significantly less than the cost of non-permanent marking methods such as ink and labels, which require regular replacement. In fact, the initial laser marker cost is less than a quarter of the initial costs of the non-permanent marking methods.

Lasit Laser has specialized for years in the production of complete systems, for which it is the sole supplier, without intermediaries, thus guaranteeing total flexibility and customer care that is difficult to find where there are third parties to consult for advice or assistance.

CO2 laser

A CO2 Laser Marker is a portable laser marking device that can be used to produce documents with high-definition resolution. These marking devices can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, metal, wood, and plastic. These devices are inexpensive and easy to use. They have become extremely popular in the last few years, particularly with businesses looking to save on costs.

CO2 lasers have many advantages over other laser marking devices. Their high precision and speed make them ideal for industrial and heavy-duty marking applications. They also have a long life-span and can operate continuously. Additionally, CO2 laser engravers offer a faster production speed than most other machines. This allows you to mark more items in less time, which in turn reduces costs.

UV laser

The UV laser marker cost is not low. It is comparable to the cost of other laser marking machines, but the price is still higher than the average machine. This technology works on both metals and non-metals. The price ranges from $300 to $50,000, depending on the model. A typical application for this technology is engraving on metal workpieces that are subject to wear and surface treatments.

The UV laser is a versatile marking machine that is becoming more popular as the need for product traceability increases. UV lasers are becoming more affordable and easy to operate, due to the fact that they require minimal maintenance and do not use any consumables. Moreover, they are able to mark many types of substrates at high speed and are simple to set up.

Workstation-mounted laser

The cost of a workstation-mounted laser marker varies depending on the quality of the laser marker and the features and benefits you want. Some models are manual operated while others are fully automated and robotic. Some have a wide range of features and can be customized for different types of parts. Some are even available with programmable Z-axis and electric lift door. They are ideal for almost any direct-part marking application.

Choosing the right type of laser marking system depends on the complexity of the part to be marked. Some systems require complex shapes to be marked, which means indexing and rotating parts. This can be time-consuming and costly, and can end up costing upwards of $50,000. If you opt for a manual system, you’ll also have to pay for maintenance and replacement parts, which can be expensive for a small business. Manual systems also require operators to perform multiple functions, which reduces productivity.


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