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P/Poly is a Song

P/Poly is not a practical computing class, as it contains every undecidable unary language, which cannot be solved by real computers. However, it can be used to model practical algorithms, such as the Miller-Rabin algorithm. This algorithm has two phases. Hence, it is useful to model undecidable unary languages as short advice strings.

ppoly is a reality show

This reality show follows the lives of a few people who have made the choice to live polyamorously. The production company DLP Entertainment began shooting the show in the summer of 2015. The production crew ranges from twelve to twenty-seven members. They spend six days a week with the Poly Jackrabbits, capturing everything from game day to traditions and interviews.

ppoly is a song

The cast of “PPoly is a Song” has joined a Zoom masterclass with composer Jason Robert Brown, along with Poly parent Kristen Anderson Lopez. While the production is not yet finished, there are a few themes throughout the story, including change and togetherness.

Polyamory is based on honesty

Polyamorous relationships are known to be the most honest types of relationships. The basis of polyamory is honesty, integrity, and communication. Being honest with all of your partners is important for a successful relationship. However, polyamorous relationships aren’t perfect, and cheating is still possible. While it is possible to cheat in a polyamorous relationship, it is not advisable.

Hierarchical polyamory

Hierarchical polyamory is a common form of relationships in which one partner is considered the primary partner. The other partners are secondary partners, and the rules of this type of relationship do not limit the number of secondary partners.


Poly-Pred is an antibacterial medication used to treat bacterial infections. It is usually administered every 3 to 4 hours but can be taken every 30 minutes in case of an acute infection. If used in excess, Poly-Pred can cause poisoning or serious side effects. To avoid overdose, contact your primary healthcare provider or pharmacist. Make sure to read the product packaging to determine the proper dosage.

Poly-blend fabric

A poly-blend fabric is made from a combination of two or more fabrics. These materials are more cost-efficient and often combine cheaper fabrics with more expensive ones. These fabrics are ideal for a variety of uses, from clothing and bed linens to soft furnishings.


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