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Check on Instagram Stories in Bulk to Boost your Instagram Account

Nowadays, there is a huge demand among Instagram users for tools that enable automated bulk Instagram story views, but you may wonder why! what benefit does it serve for people who want to be among the viewers of other people’s stories on Instagram?

Actually, when you check on somebody’s story and they see you have checked their story. If you have appealing, attractive, and curiosity-evoking profile pictures, they actually get tempted to check on your account, after being found among the story viewers. If you see thousands of people’s stories a day, a lot of people come back to your profile, potentially check you out, like your stuff and follow you. That is how, only by story check, you get to increase the engagement rate, profile visits, and followers of your page.

The good thing about story view is that Instagram has no restrictions against it and you can watch Instagram stories unlimitedly in a day. It offers you a great free chance to grow your Instagram page.

One of the automated tools you can use to check on Instagram stories in bulk is the vUser Instagram Story Viewer Bot. Unlike the other tools that are available in the market, it is a one-time and permanent purchase and you do not need to charge it every month.

This robotic tool can help you in two ways:

1.       Automatically checks on the stories published by other users on Instagram

2.       Automatically checks on the stories you publish on Instagram using several accounts to promote your stories

In the first case, you set the bot to get into your Instagram account and check on the stories published by other users; they can be the ones you follow or any public page whose stories are open to be viewed by the public. You just insert the usernames whose stories you want to be automatically viewed and after you execute the bot, it automatically gets into your Instagram account, searches the accounts you have specified one by one and views all the stories published by them. Since there are no limits imposed on the number of stories you can check in a day, the bot also can view as many stories as you like unlimitedly.

Another interesting and unique feature that this bot offers to you is the possibility of promoting the stories that you have published on Instagram yourself. In the second case, you connect the bot to as many accounts as you have, no limits! Then you set the bot to view your own stories using all the accounts introduced to the bot. apparently, the more accounts you connect to the bot, the more views your stories get and the faster it gains the chance to be promoted on Instagram.


Checking on others’ stories on Instagram offers a chance for your page to get noted by others, being visited, liked or followed. As it is clear, by viewing more stories on Instagram, your profile will also be visited by more people. There are tools that can automate the story view process, taking you no time and effort but leaving your tracks in thousands of records of story views in a day. One of the most useful, powerful, and practical tools of this type has been introduced to you in this post



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