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interview samsung fastcompany VP, jaeyeon Jung

Jaeyeon Jung is Vice President of Marketing at Samsung Electronics. In this interview, she discusses some of the challenges and opportunities that Samsung faces as a technology company and how they address them. She also discusses how marketing is crucial in helping companies like Samsung grow and succeed. Interview Samsung FastCompany VP, jaeyeon Jung

Jaeyeon Jung, Samsung Fast Company Vice President

Jaeyeon Jung is the Vice President of Samsung Fast Company, a division within Samsung Electronics responsible for fast-paced, innovative products and services that make life more enjoyable. Before joining Samsung Fast Company, Jung was the Director of Planning and Strategy at Google Korea. In this role, she led all business planning and strategic initiatives across Google Korea. She also played a pivotal role in developing Google Korea’s global business operations. Before joining Google Korea, Jung was the Director of Innovation & Corporate Strategy at SK Telecom (now KT). There she spearheaded SKT’s transformation into a world-leading mobile communications company through innovative product development and marketing campaigns. Previously, Jung worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in Seoul. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Yonsei University in Seoul and her Masters’s degree in Business Administration from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Jaeyeon Jung’s experience with Samsung and the Fast Company brand

Jaeyeon Jung, vice president of marketing for Samsung Fast Company, recently sat down with Fast Company to discuss her experience working with the brand. In the interview, Jung shares her thoughts on Samsung’s relationship with Fast Company and how the two companies have collaborated over the years.

Jung cites some standout moments between Samsung and Fast Company, such as when Samsung sponsored an edition of Fast Company magazine dedicated to mobile technology in 2013 and partnered up to create a digital campaign around the launch of Galaxy S6. “As a brand ambassador for Samsung, it is my job to advocate for our products,” says Jung. “Working together helps us better understand each other and promotes innovation.”

Jung also discusses how she sees Samsung’s future relationship with Fast Company. “We are always looking to collaborate more with Fast Company,” she says. “We appreciate their dedication to journalism, innovation, and creativity.”

Jaeyeon Jung’s thoughts on the future of Samsung and Fast Company

Jaeyeon Jung, Vice President of Global Marketing at Samsung Electronics, expressed her thoughts on the future of Samsung and Fast Company. In the interview, she discusses how Samsung is looking to continue to innovate and grow to stay ahead of the competition. She also touches on some ways that Samsung has been able to stay ahead of the curve in recent years, including its focus on mobile innovation and artificial intelligence.

Jaeyeon Jung’s advice for young professionals

Jaeyeon Jung, Vice President of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business and a highly successful businesswoman in her own right, has some advice for young professionals starting their careers. “The most important thing is to stay true to yourself,” says Jaeyeon. “If you know what you want and are working hard to achieve it, the rest will come naturally.” She also advises young professionals to stay patient and persist through difficult times. “It’s important not to give up when things get tough because those difficulties may be a sign that you’re on the right track,” she says.



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