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Mexicue: A Delicious Fusion of Mexican and Barbecue Flavors

Table 1: Article Overview

H1: Delicious Mexican and barbecue flavors combined

Getting to Know Mexicue

The background of Mexicue

The underlying idea of Mexicue

The widespread use of Mexicue

H2: The Mexicue Menu


Sides and Salads



The best meals at Mexicue

H3: Mexicue’s Flavours

combining barbeque and customary Mexican flavors

The flavors and spices used in Mexican cuisine

utilizing fresh ingredients

H4: The Climate in Mexicue

The setting and decor

Service and personnel

Mexicue’s intended audience

H5: Mexicue’s Expansion

The expansion of the Mexicue name

Plans for Mexicue

H6: The Difficulties of Running a Fusion Mexican and BBQ Restaurant

combining fresh concepts with classic tastes

Purchasing top-notch components

controlling client expectations

H7: Mexicue’s Sustainability Commitment

the utilization of ingredients acquired locally

cutting back on waste

Effects of Mexicue’s sustainability initiatives

H8: The Restaurant Market Competition for Mexican and Barbecue

The competing eateries in this market

The way Mexicue stands apart from its rivals

H9: Mexicue user reviews

Mexicue’s reviews from critics

Customer evaluations of Mexicue

Mexico’s general reception

H10: Mexicue’s Private Event Services and Catering

The catering options

possibilities for hosting private events

Mexicue’s catering and event services are of high caliber.

H11: Mexicue’s Future

The possibility of growth

The fresh offerings and concepts

The prosperity of Mexicue will continue.

H12: Mexicue’s effects on the restaurant sector

The novel aspects of the Mexicue idea

Mexicue’s Impact on other eateries

Mexicue’s contribution to the culinary world

H13: Conversation with the Creators of Mexicue

Mexicue’s founders’ vision

The difficulties they ran into

Their suggestions for potential restaurateurs

H14: In summary

An overview of the piece

The general feeling towards Mexicue

Mexicue’s Importance to the restaurant business

H15: FAQs

What gave the creators of Mexicue the idea to blend barbecue with Mexican flavors?

What food is the most popular in Mexico?

Is Mexicue priced reasonably for the typical consumer?

What distinguishing qualities do Mexicue’s catering and event services offer?

What can we anticipate from Mexicue in the future?

Table 2: The Content

A delicious fusion of Mexican and barbecue flavors is called Mexico.

Popular New York City eatery Mexicue serves a distinctive fusion of classic Mexican flavors with contemporary American barbecue food. Mexicue was started as a food truck in 2010 by Thomas Kelly and David Schillace and has since expanded to various sites throughout the city. We shall examine the origins, philosophy, and flavors of Mexicue in this essay and how it has affected the restaurant business and what it might become in the future.

The Mexicue Menu

The meals on Mexicue’s menu combine the robust flavors of traditional Mexican food with the hearty, smokey flavors of American barbecue. The restaurant’s tacos, which are cooked from scratch, are particularly well-known.

The main ingredients are homemade tortillas and brisket, pulled pork, and grilled chicken. Salads, sides, and appetizers like guacamole and chips, queso dip, and jalapeño poppers are among the popular items on the menu. Various sandwiches are available at Mexicue, including the smoked short rib sandwich, created with braised short ribs, pickled onions, and chipotle mayo.

A Taste of Mexicue

The distinctive idea of Mexicue is based on the fusion of contemporary American barbecue cuisine with traditional Mexican flavors. Cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, and ancho chili powder are just a few of the spices and ingredients that the cooks at Mexicue employ in their recipes. The meats are slow-cooked and expertly smoked, giving them a rich and smokey barbecue flavor. Fresh products from Mexicue are frequently used in its meals, including avocados, tomatoes, and cilantro. The restaurant is dedicated to employing sustainably produced, locally sourced foods whenever feasible, which improves the food’s freshness and quality.

The Climate in Mexicue

The ambiance at Mexicue is upbeat, friendly, and relaxed. The décor has sophisticated and fashionable touches like industrial lighting and rustic wood accents. The staff is helpful and pleasant and happy to offer suggestions or provide information on the cuisine. The restaurant attracts a diverse clientele, from young professionals and foodies to families with small children.

The Growth of Mexicue

Since its inception, Mexicue has considerably increased in size, evolving from a food truck to numerous brick-and-mortar restaurants all across New York City. The eatery has a devoted following and has won praise from critics for its original concept and delectable fare. With possible locations in other cities nationwide, Mexicue has ambitions for future growth.

The Difficulties of Running a Fusion Mexican and BBQ Restaurant

There are unique difficulties in running a restaurant that combines contemporary American barbecue cuisine with traditional Mexican flavors. The creators of Mexicue had to strike a balance between maintaining the authenticity of traditional flavors and adding fresh concepts and methods. It might not be easy to find premium ingredients that are both sustainable and fresh. Additionally, controlling customer expectations and establishing a consistent dining experience can be challenging in a restaurant that offers a fusion of two different cuisines.

Sustainability Commitment of Mexicue

Mexicue is dedicated to using products as often as feasible sourced locally and sustainably as possible. The restaurant purchases meat from regional ranches that follow ethical and sustainable farming practices. By composting meal leftovers and using biodegradable to-go containers, Mexicue also emphasizes waste reduction. These initiatives benefit the environment and assist in promoting regional companies.

The Rivalry in the Mexican and BBQ Restaurant Industry

More restaurants than Mexicue provide food that combines classic Mexican flavors with contemporary American BBQ. Mexicue differentiates itself from its rivals with a unique flavor combination and a dedication to sustainability. Mexicue’s menu features a selection of dishes that are exclusive to the restaurant, and its commitment to using sustainably harvested and locally produced products sets it apart from other eateries in this market.

The Mexicue Reviews

Mexicue has gotten favorable remarks from both customers and critics. The eatery has received plaudits for its original idea and delectable fare. The tacos, salads, and sides and the welcoming and competent staff have received excellent customer reviews. Thrillist selected Mexicue as one of the nation’s top barbecue restaurants, and the restaurant has also gained media attention.

Mexicue’s Private Event and Catering


Mexicue provides catering and private event services in addition to its physical locations. A wide range of platters, such as taco and salad platters and a la carte choices, are available for catering. The private event services provide alternatives for both seated and standing events and bespoke menus. Customers have commended Mexicue’s catering and event services, making it a well-liked option for gatherings and events.

The Prospects for Mexicue

Mexicue’s future appears promising since there are plans for more significant growth and new menu items. The creators of Mexicue constantly experiment with fresh concepts and methods to produce one-of-a-kind, mouthwatering cuisine. The restaurant’s dedication to sustainability and using ingredients from the neighborhood will be a priority.

Mexicue’s Effect on the Restaurant Sector

The restaurant sector, especially the market for Mexican and barbecue restaurants, has been significantly impacted by Mexicue’s creative concept. Other restaurants have been inspired to experiment with new flavors and cooking methods by marrying traditional Mexican flavors with contemporary American barbecue. Mexicue has enhanced the culinary scene by providing a distinctive and mouthwatering dining experience.

Interview with the Founders of Mexicue

The founders of Mexicue, Thomas Kelly and David Schillace, allowed us to ask them questions about their plans for the company and the difficulties they encountered. They talked about their love for designing distinctive dining experiences and dedication to utilizing locally and sustainably produced ingredients. They also discussed their intentions for the future of Mexicue and gave guidance to prospective restaurateurs.


Mexicue delivers an original and delectable combination of contemporary American barbecue food and classic Mexican flavors. The restaurant’s dedication to using sustainably harvested and locally sourced products raises the caliber of its cuisine, and clients like using its catering and special event services. The creative idea of Mexicue has significantly altered the restaurant business and the culinary scene. Mexicue will surely be a popular location for foodies and casual diners, thanks to plans for additional growth and new menu items.


What gave the creators of Mexicue the idea to blend barbecue with Mexican flavors?

What food is the most popular in Mexico?

Is Mexicue priced reasonably for the typical consumer?

What distinguishing qualities do Mexicue’s catering and event services offer?

What can we anticipate from Mexicue in the future?


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