The Hulu Streaming App is the best entertaining platform for today’s generation. They can spend a lot of time streaming videos, watching web series. It is the best source to pass the time and obviously an entertainment zone as well. You can watch sixty-plus channels on the Hulu App. To watch videos or movies online, you need a subscription that is around $5 or more. In addition, you can watch live tv and purchase a cloud DVR that boosts the storage of the app to 150 hours. The benefit of taking a subscription is that the ads do not disturb you again and again while you are streaming your favorite show.

The Hulu Streaming app is a complete entertainment package but with the high demand of the app in America. Everyone streams the app but it is as safe as Netflix for Kids. Because it does not have too much demand around the world. Every streaming app has pros or cons. Let’s discuss it and give final words on it.

Advantage of the Hulu Streaming App

The Hulu streaming app is more than like a TV. You can stream Hulu originals and take Hulu+live TV plans by taking a subscription. It is an incredible streaming app with cheap monthly plans as compared to the other streaming apps. Here you can stream classics as well as the latest movies. You can watch web series for your entertainment purpose. It offers 60+ channels that are liked by everyone. You need to visit the Hulu login page for buying the subscription

More than a TV

The Hulu streaming app is just more than a TV. Even the TV channels stop showing the channels. But the Hulu streaming channels do not stop. It is in today’s demand and popular among every citizen. It shows you the versatility of movies and videos and so many live channels. Everyone can stream this app. As it is cheap in price when compared to other apps.

Live TV Channels

You can watch Hulu live channels with the Live TV plan. It demands more than an extra subscription package. You can watch live news wherever you are or from anywhere around the world.

Cloud DVR option

With the help of the cloud DVR option, you can record or download videos for up to 60 hours. If you don’t have time to watch any movie at the present time then you can save it on the downloading option and can watch it even after 60 hours. You can extend the hours by more than 150 hours by taking the Hulu + Live TV plan.

60+ Channels 

It offers you to watch more than 60+ channels without any worries. You need to buy a monthly play that costs around $6 and stream your favorite shows without any interference from the ad.

The disadvantages of the Hulu Streaming app

Besides having the advantages it has some disadvantages also. People used to spend a lot of time on this app and this is not good for kids. Every month you need to buy a plan to watch the videos or movies and the app is not too much in demand like Netflix and chill.

Monthly Subscription plan

It requires a monthly plan to watch a video. If you don’t have a TV at your home and you want to pass the time, download the Hulu streaming app. Then you need to pay a subscription amount to watch your favorite show or movie.

Needs to buy a premium account for offline videos

The worst part of the Hulu app is that to download the video you need to buy a premium account which costs more than a monthly subscription. If you don’t have time to watch the latest movie on the Hulu app and you want to download it so you can watch it later but for that, you need to buy its premium membership.

Low video quality

It shows low-quality video if compared to the other streaming app. Even though it’s not much in demand worldwide as Netflix is in demand. It does not provide you with high-quality videos so it can make you irritable or angry while streaming movies or videos. Also, the Hulu plus live tv review is not good.

Final Words

As the Hulu streaming App has pros and cons. So it’s hard to decide that the app is good or not. Basically, the app is not good for the kids as they get disturbed from their studies and not be able to focus on their health. So at that point of the stage, they should focus on their studies. Besides all this the app is good for the adults and a good source to pass the time.

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